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  1. Using the lump charcoal worked great! Now I have to pay more attention to how long my work is in the forge. Accidentally melted my steel lol.
  2. Thanks to both of you! I tried making it deeper for the time being and it works much better. I'll make sure to get lump charcoal instead of briquets next time. One question for you though Alan, with my current airflow, the air blasting from the side doesn't seem to go very far through the coals. I generally have to keep my steel very close to the hole the air is coming from, as the rest of the coals are cold. I probably need a stronger blower right?
  3. i did not know the about a few inches of flame on both top and bottom, thanks i will try it out
  4. Hello, my concern today is about my homemade charcoal forge. Sometimes it works very well but sometimes it cant heat up the metal consistently so I was wondering if anybody with more experience could help me out with the design of my forge. As seen in the pictures it blows air through the side, and i access the forge through the front hole. Any help would be appreciated thanks. (edit: would a regular dish shape work better?)
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