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  1. Thanks Alan! I was thinking if people could pick it up. I'm in New England and we have lots of smiths here.
  2. Thanks, Don! It works great as I have used it many times. It was built from a kit in a professional class by a pro blacksmith. How would $850 sound?
  3. hi all. Around how much would you personally pay for a shop-built 2x72 grinder with KMG specs, 1.5 horsepower motor? Do you think it would be difficult to resell if the time came? Thanks!
  4. hey all. I'm looking at buying a used Gizzly 2x72" grinder. I tried one out yesterday and I wasn't sure that the accuracy and power was what I had experienced with a Pheer, KMG or Bader. Still, the price on the Grizzly is attractive. What do you all think? Have you found the Grizzly 2x72 to have enough accuracy and power for knife making? Thanks!
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