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  1. Sorry about that, wasn’t trying to be secretive. Not on many forums and was just trying to get out there. They are made in Houston and I can assure you they are not stolen property.
  2. 42” tall 38 1/2” wide and long 220 volt motor 1 1/2 horses 60/1 gear ration 1800 rpm motor 2 1/4 rollers Start at 5/8” to as thin as you want 300lbs start at $4,200
  3. They’re blacksmiths rolling mills for hot steel. We ship from Houston but if you are close we recommend pick up. Please text 281-851-1647 for anymore questions.
  4. We have a couple for sale now, always being made. General pricing and specs can be found by calling or texting the numbers above. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Please contact if in need of a sturdy, well-built rolling mill. Please call or text 281-851-1647 or 713-855-7327 for inquiries.
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