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  1. Thanks for the welcome Alan. Glad to be a part of this group of knowledgeable people!
  2. Did you ever get your furnace rebuild completed?
  3. Thanks and congrats on your first post! Ive been making blades since 2011. I do it as a hobby and semi part time business. If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask me. I hit quite a few road blocks along the way lol.
  4. Thanks! Once I get the handle material I will post a picture of the finished blade.
  5. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time posting! I wanted to share with you the first blade that I forged from some crucible steel. I first found wootz about 8 months ago and instantly fell in love with the watered pattern, I had to make a knife. I watched tons of youtube videos, read research articles until my brain went numb and got lost on sketchy Russian/Ukrainian websites searching for bulat with google translate. In the end I followed pretty closely to what is outlined in the Verhoeven and Pendray research articles about wootz. However, I pulled significant amounts of inform
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