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  1. ?? Seeing as I was very new to this craft and these went to a friend, I know my $125 each was a bit low. If may ask what would be a fair price on a job like this?
  2. First knives to be sold. Was asked to make a set for a bigger guy and his petite wife. So one smaller than the other. Didn't get them to match exactly, but close. His mom ordered them as Christmas gifts.
  3. That's the back up plan. Wanting to try something a bit different, and having never seen one done this way before.
  4. Help me out here. Am making a chef knife for the son and his wife's Christmas gift. Laid out what I thought was good, but, ended up with a handle that was way to long. Then thought just trim it down and reshape. Should be alright. What I ended up with is good for length, crap for feel in the hand. My thinking at the moment is to cut the to 3/4 inch high and run a grove in the handle block. So, it would have exposed tang on top and solid wood bottom. Figured to ask the group for thoughts on this. Anyone done something of the sort before? The shaded area in the pic would be s
  5. I am thinking about useing the wife's Cricut to make my own stencils. Thought to ask before hand. Is their vinyl is thick enough, and would a removable adhesive be good. Thanks for all you help
  6. Thank you, Sir. Was a good learning process and I found a few things that need to be done differently.
  7. A few months ago the Director of our local State Historical Park asked if I would be willing to make something for a fund raiser. A bit of searching this is the design I settled on. Oregon Trail 1850's. Have not done anything with bolsters before, so this is my prototype. Used .120 1075 stock removal, 3/8 thick brass and black walnut.
  8. Gary, thanks. Will keep that in mind on the next one.
  9. Am liking the hammered look.
  10. Small "Bird n Trout", from 1074 and Wenge scales. 5 - 6 oz veg tan for the sheath. Room to improve, but don't think this year's deer will care.
  11. Much credit to anyone that can play anything. My talents hit the limit by turning on the radio.
  12. Absolutely beautifully.
  13. Alex, can definitely see your point of the handle being undersized. Will grind oversize and work it down till feels right. Thanks
  14. Working on an idea for a larger camp knife. Have a 11.75 x 2 x .138 of 1075, drew this up to fit on it. 7 inch blade with 4.75 handle. Any thoughts and advise before going to the grinder are much appreciated.
  15. I made about a dozen or so knife shaped objects from mild steel scraps before buying blade steel. Seemed to help, for me. I found I do best with a bevel jig, really helps keep things even. I just finished my 3rd knife, so take my advice for what it is.
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