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  1. Gary, thanks. Will keep that in mind on the next one.
  2. Am liking the hammered look.
  3. Small "Bird n Trout", from 1074 and Wenge scales. 5 - 6 oz veg tan for the sheath. Room to improve, but don't think this year's deer will care.
  4. Much credit to anyone that can play anything. My talents hit the limit by turning on the radio.
  5. Absolutely beautifully.
  6. Alex, can definitely see your point of the handle being undersized. Will grind oversize and work it down till feels right. Thanks
  7. Working on an idea for a larger camp knife. Have a 11.75 x 2 x .138 of 1075, drew this up to fit on it. 7 inch blade with 4.75 handle. Any thoughts and advise before going to the grinder are much appreciated.
  8. I made about a dozen or so knife shaped objects from mild steel scraps before buying blade steel. Seemed to help, for me. I found I do best with a bevel jig, really helps keep things even. I just finished my 3rd knife, so take my advice for what it is.
  9. Love the shape and feel of a kbar, but the mil-spec knifes don't hold a edge. Wish we had ones made from good steel, like this
  10. Yes, I should have used a backer to drill the scales. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Time to get working on others and research on kydex sheath marking.
  11. As the title says, my first finished knife. Have made some from mild steel ( knife shaped objects). Critiques welcome
  12. Update..... Loving the fade look. But, damn it was a lot of hand sanding to get it all blended together. At 100 grit.
  13. Hadn't thought about it. But, running the grind back a bit more is a good look. Pic stolen from web, as visual aid.
  14. If the mods feel it would be better there, I am good with it being moved.
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