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  1. I think you NAILED IT on your first attempt. Well done and I look forward to more of your work. Buddha
  2. I'm interested in knowing where you folks purchase your steel from...the 1095 and 15N-20 used in Damascus blades? I have seen Jantz and New Jersey Steel online...anyone have any experience with them? Jeff
  3. Such artistic patterns...THIS is why blademaking is such a respected craft. Now that I see all these I am forced to lift my jaw from the floor. Jeff
  4. And will your homemade forge reach temperatures like Alan has stated for "welding" of metals? Single or multiple burners? IF you are willing I'd like to see photos.
  5. This was another I looked at... https://www.majesticforge.com/
  6. PLEASE don't EVER be sorry for an honest, experienced and educated reply. I came here seeking the truth so I don't make a mistake and jeopardize safety.
  7. Wayne...do you sell them assembled? In all honesty, I'm not the most mechanically inclined and I'm unsure trying to build my own forge is my safest option to begin. I'm three doors away from the volunteer fire department and have been active there for 30 years...I don't need them responding to my residence...LOL
  8. The Hells Forge I like the design of and my mentor suggested Centaurion.
  9. I've been looking for almost a week now and have it narrowed down to a single burner propane forge or a used Buffalo coal forge I found. Both are similar in price. Does the newbie buy the coal or invest in the pre-made propane? Help a brother out!
  10. Bring on the blades...I have ideas and visions!!!
  11. I spent my 47th Birthday, Monday, with a friend learning the basics of forging metal. His setup is a coal forge with a manual crank...I felt like it was both a lesson on hard work and history. I have an even more profound respect for each of you who has mastered this craft. As I start my journey with the end goal of making my own personal knife I am reading through all your posts. The advice, suggestions and photos are invaluable...especially for someone coming from my perspective. After 5 hours I happily went home with a decorative fire poker that I made with my own two hands...and I'm NOT done. Thank You again, for everyone's input, expertise and passion for this craft. Jeff
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