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  1. I think I might ground through the hamon line but yeah. Still strange. I do a lot of my grinding vertically with the direction of the belt. Could the Hamon area cause the heat to rise and then harden when I cool it with water? Almost like a quench? Still not sure why such a sharp rectangle and perfect lines. I think I am chalking this up to the steel having something in it.
  2. Rutlands fireplace mortar. Its not from Admiral but I would like to not name the place I got it from at this time out of respect for them working with me on this. It is a very reputable place. Its just crazy that I have used the same process with the same mortar and everything and just these 2 have done this.
  3. Btw, I didnt use any magnets or the vice for straightening and heat treated as normal. I have made several knives in between the 2 and have had no issues. I have made contact with the distributer and they are baffled and are looking into it. This is mostly stock removal with small amount of forging on the tip area to get the length and profile. I did a hamon on both
  4. Well, it happened again. this is a new billet of the same steel the same size billet from the same distributer. I stopped to etch after seeing it while grinding and tried to grind it away.
  5. The magnet I used is rectangular but too small for this and I moved it around many times The crazy thing is that I have grinded down so much did not see any indication until after the etch
  6. You can see where it moved up from the moving of the steel when I was shaping the blade.
  7. No. I use a hand magnet and gloves. Let me see if I can get a micro shot of the edges of it. If I didn't know any better it looks like it was forge welded
  8. Brand new steel. Bar was originally .220 thick. 1095 steel. It is .160 now after forging and grinding. It is on both sides in the exact same spot. Never seen this before.
  9. So I hammered out and after all the grinding and hand sanding I went for an etch to show the Hamon and noticed this weird rectangle in my steel. It was on both sides in exactly the same spot. It seems like I got a bad peice of steel. T
  10. HOLY $#!T!!! That is beyond impressive! I dont even know where to begin to start asking how you did all of that! I am just trying to keep my grinds even!
  11. Maybe you could insulate the sides of the track with something? I have also seen magnets used with thin rubber, duct tape or wood used to quiet anvils.
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