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  1. Thanks Joshua, it is just a basic pattern, and it went well under the hammer. I am going to finish it out with stock removal. My daughter got me a 12 inch billet, and I figured that I could cut it in half and stretch it out i could get two nice smaller blades out of it, so far it going according to plan, other than running out of propane that is. Everyday is a day for learning. Thanks for the info.
  2. Thank you, I usually tend to forge close to shape and finish with the grinder, I just wasn't sure if I could reheat to forging temp. It seems to be just a generic pattern, it is my first working with it. I have plans on making some bullets, but need to reinsulate my forge first, or build another one, which would be easier seeing as I cant keep mine off long enough to reinsulate.
  3. Hello, I have been building blades for a couple years now, and working metal for over 20. I have not yet worked with any Damascus, and my daughter bought me a billet for Father's Day. My question is, can I put it in the forge to shape it to a blade, or should I go with stock removal. I would hate to damage it by heating and hammering.
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