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  1. Thanks for the quick responses, everyone! Yeah, I've been starting to look already for a better anvil of some kind. I forged most of my early knives on my teacher's big old Mankel farrier's anvil, and there's no comparison with rail track. Fortunately, he had some tongs to spare, and some of his first lessons for me were in fitting the bits of tongs to your current needs, so I'm good on that front. Also, to answer those of you who asked, I'm in central Illinois
  2. Hi, all I'm new to this forum, and relatively new to forging. I'd forged a number of knives in the past few years at a friend's shop, but just last month finally had the cash to buy a forge of my own. I have a pretty wide assortment of hand tools from my career in maintenance, but few that will stand up to forging heat. I have a bunch of hammers, a good center punch, drills, a 1" cold chisel I got for hot cutting, a good new bastard file, and some hand sanders. What do I get next? And any suggestions on altering how I have things set up are also welcome. Thanks!
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