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  1. Hello, i recently got that knife into my hands. Probably it is a knife from Dale, the city which was destroyed by dragon Smaug and after his death it was rebuilt. The knife comes from times after the city was restored. My opinion about its origin is based on two main things. First is obvious, it is a dragon head which is on top of the "locking mechanism". Second one is the style of decoration which we can see on the knife. Acording those sharp edges of the inlayed parts and a little carving in scales, i assume that it is influenced by the art of dwarfs who have their kingdom under the Mountain
  2. I have to admit it is quite soothing for me, to see it this way
  3. On the last picture are also interesting the weldflaws (are they?) in blade
  4. Wow, very nice photos! I found very interesting the joint of upper part of pommel and those rivets. Do you know what is a base material of it? Is it iron or casted bronze? Thanks
  5. Hello, this time i have something, which is finally made on historical basis. It is saex inspired by founds from Dorestad and Porta-Westfalica Berkhausen, from 9th century. I made just this blade without handle and sheath. Now it has a new owner and he would make the rest of saex. The blade is 65 cm long and the main part is made of wrought iron (probably from 18th century) and on the edge is my favourite K720. And those grooves are hand scraped, and making them was exhausting experience
  6. Hi, today i have a little bit a unusuall thing. I made a sword scabbard for my friend, but it was for LARP sword...so it is bit bigger. I am adding it here just because of some metal work(bronze, copoer, silver) on belt and scabbard. It is made in rohirrim style as well. I hope next time it will be reall damascus sword which i am going to make this year...
  7. Hi i would like to offer this knife. It has san mai blade, made of wrought iron and K720 on the edge, the handle is made of birch bark and bronze. Handle is 10 cm long and blade has 8 cm. I would sell it for 200 USD. Feel free to ask some questions
  8. Hi, i just would like to present my last work. it is very simple knife made of wrought and K720. The handle is of birch bark and casted bronze. Sheath has a wooden core. As i sad, it is just very simple knife but i would like to tease you for something more interesting in near future Maybe i will make even a WIP photos.
  9. Hi, I have a new knife to show. It is small knife with san mai blade and walnut handle. The blade is little bit asymetrical, it is a Jekyll and Hyde sort of blade :D. The sheath has a wooden core and it has some decorating.
  10. Thank you The edge steel was originaly about 8x8x100 mm. Then i forged teeth with chisel which has triangular shape and about 4 mm lenght of the wall. After that i forged the wrought iron in similar way, cleaned surfaces with file and weld it together. Next i forged the blade to the final shape and those teeth spreaded with that.
  11. next time i would like to make those teeth smaller...
  12. Hello, i finished my friction folder with wolf´s tooth pattern edge. The blade is made of wrought and K720. I used bronze disc for a "stopping" part of the blade which is decorated with silver inlay. The handle is made of antler. The knife is great companion for light travelers for preparing their snacks and their battle against hunger. Probably it is some gift from rohirrim for their hobbit friends I hope you like it
  13. Hi, i finally finished another long time project. Rohirrim spear. It is made of k720 steel and wrought iron. Horse heads are bronze, silver inlayed and they are brazed to the socket. I hope you will like it!
  14. Superb blade, I forged wolf´s tooth pattern last week and it is really nice technique
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