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  1. Hi, i finally finished another long time project. Rohirrim spear. It is made of k720 steel and wrought iron. Horse heads are bronze, silver inlayed and they are brazed to the socket. I hope you will like it!
  2. Superb blade, I forged wolf´s tooth pattern last week and it is really nice technique
  3. Hello, i have one chef knife without an owner so i would like to offer it here. The blade is made of K720 which is comparable to US O2 steel. The handle is made of wenge. Lenght of the blade - 18 cm High of the blade - 5,4 cm Lenght of the handle - 12 cm Price - 220 USD and shipping from Czech Republic Thank you
  4. Hello i would like to tease you a little for my another project. It is going to be rohirrim pattern welded spear with brazed bronze inlayed wings. I will show just a part of the blade yet (the best part, because it has lot of mistakes again :/). The progress of castings is very slow and inlaying is even slower for me . I hope i will finish it to the end of the year :D
  5. As i promised last time, i am attaching a "brother" of the last presented knife. It is more inspired by northern knives and i have used a birch bark for the first time here. And i have to say it certainly was not for the last time, i think it´s very nice material and i love the scent of it.
  6. Today i casted some bronze horse heads for a new piece in my rohirrim inventory. I hope it will be done soon
  7. Thanks for reactions, I certainly would like to continue in this way, i like the posibility of using and learning various crafts in that style of knives.
  8. Hello, i would like to show you my last work. Blade is made from wrought iron, mild steel and my favourite K720 and the handle materials are bronze and subfosil oak. Ihope you like it and i will post its "brother" very soon .
  9. Thank you all for reactions! Joshua, thank you for tips, it looks pretty nice, the joint is almost invisible! Can I ask you what type of glue did you use? I will certainly use it.
  10. Hello, I would like to introduce myself and especially my work here. My name is Jiri and I come from Czech Republic and I am interested in forging and other related crafts for a long time (maybe since i was 12 years old…now i am 25 :D). My work became presentable (I hope) since covid times, when i had plenty of time to practice. I enjoy making knives/ other things inspired by history and fantasy stories (mostly Lord of the rings). First thing i want to introduce, is my Rohirrim set which consists of small utility knife and bigger broken-back seax. The small one is the first knife where i
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