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  1. I thought I might have seen a credible source, but couldn't think of it. I'll be. Hmm. Now I'm tempted to get an Evenheat... I know exactly what you mean!
  2. I saw a good YT vid that explained that a bit, or at least normalizing at my level :-) I think other than stock removal (and following Sandvik's method... not other peoples' "hacks" I've seen online) and finding a way to get my forge more dialed in for temperature is what I need to do. In regards to that -- and I suppose in reference to my parenthetical -- do you think the freezer is analogous to my forge, in that it might not be the right thing for the job? I wasn't even trying the freeze step, but I've seen a lot of guys talk about popping knives in there, and it seems to me that they're probably just really lucky... or wrong, and you would want to do it with an environ with much more control and precision. That's the name of the game here with all of it, control and precision. Also, thanks for taking the time to write that. I learned a great deal, it made my lunch break more enjoyable, and I appreciate the thoughtfulness! @Jerrod Miller
  3. I'm opting to get some plates soon, which I figure can't hurt either. After some more stock removal/re-profiling, I'll post my results here. I don't wanna give up. I really want to make this steel work; it's perfect for this use!
  4. That's the nice thing about this. I can at least redo it and try again. I do think the biggest issue is getting the temp steady at 1922... much harder to do with a forge vs. HT oven. I guess it's time to get some aluminum plates! I'll make another round going that route this weekend. Thanks!
  5. This much I've been aware of. Kinda like a haircut, at least I can take more off. As it is, it is about .815 at top of the spine where the handle would start. Might just opt for a 50-50 bevel and take more off. I still think I need to dial-in the HT process better, though.
  6. Started a new job recently! So, it's been a few weeks since I've done anything in my shop. Cleaning, preparing my office, training, etc. I posted over here about 14C28N - Anybody have much luck -- or lack thereof -- with it? I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong because I really, really want to like this steel. I guess I could always throw it back in the forge and cycle it in the oven again a few times and try again. Just isn't biting onions the way it should. I don't know where I'm messing up.
  7. Working on a k-tip out of 14C28N. Got it at -- or as close to -- 1940F as I could for 5 min, then did two 120min cycles of 400F, cool, 400F, cool... And no matter what I do, I can't get her to bite into onions the way I want. Maybe it's on me for trying a 70-30 grind but I feel like it could be more in the heat treat, as I don't have a heat treat oven, used the forge. Any ideas? IMG_8418.HEIC
  8. Anyone ever make these? I just got asked to make a full set + block as a Christmas present, which is exciting. I can't decide if I'm going to make the block a more contemporary or traditional one. Any thoughts? I've so far been making sayas or using plastic sleeves in transit, slowly upping my presentation game.
  9. I'll have to ask you what you think of it in a few weeks. I'm anvil hunting. I like the surface area on top quite a bit, and the price is pretty competitive.
  10. This looks great. I will never forget the first time an ill-prepared me thought to try to work with Ironwood before I got better tools. How do you feel 420 compares to 440C? I've mostly worked with 440C so far, starting to branch out.
  11. I think it's fantastic. That copper bolster pairs so well with the jade. I'd christen it Blessed Ghost.
  12. Alex, I came very close to getting this one. Well, not this one, the variable-speed option, same HP. I think it was 700 for the vari, so I just went with the G1015. I have a spare Shop Fox dual ceramic wheel grinder I've been thinking of modifying one side on, kinda like this. Have one shorter grinder for handles, and the bigger for blade profiling. If I get that multitool attachment -- seems the easiest way to mod something like that, I will have to let you know.
  13. All is well! Glad it was a test with a bar only.
  14. Dull bar on the buffer. Holy shit, these guys weren't kidding about the buffer.
  15. Indeed. Before the titanium hammer, I'd been using one of these. I'm glad I figured this out when I did. Also glad I figured out how to do multiple quotes in one response!
  16. Came up from the shop after a few hours -- profiled a knife for my sister, and started on one for myself. I've only worked with 440C and O1. 1095 is wildly different try for the first time a dozen or so knives in. Absolutely light years' difference in feel. First time working with it.
  17. And one executed with dignity and class -- well done!
  18. The one day a lifetime where I organize. I got my order from the Baron in today (Thanks, Fedex Home Delivery, though you're working too hard for me!). Every knife I've made so far I've made the handle with hand tools, so it was about time when I got my federal in the other day that I got a bandsaw. If I can't resaw, I'll wait to get a 2hp+ band. Just clearing out a little space for a benchtop model. I've been using the shinto rasp to shape my scales the most recently -- looking very forward to the next.
  19. I've seen some videos with a huge choke, and with a handleless eye punch. With enough machismo you can forge kryptonite! Back when I was just woodworking and not bladesmithing, I was gifted one of the titanium hammers by stiletto after requesting one. Much like my favorite 400g joinery hammer, that thing does a mighty good job, especially in the "transferring momentum vs weight dept," (and toughness vs stainless), and... it cuts air easier, too! Seems analogous to using a lighter hammer. Better dexterity, too.
  20. Last winter when I was finalizing some stuff in the shop, and decided it was the point where it warranted upgrading some equipment I got a new smoke/CO detector. I live in a pretty rural area, not as much as you, but I guess I never specified anything: That's a far-angle shot of my woodshop. There's a drill press station and a hand tool station that you can't see from those angles, but I forge outside. That's the basement of an old house, no forging down there. I won't forget last winter when the smoke detector I had was wrong, but kept saying there was a dangerous level of CO PPM... and it was just a bad unit. Haha. Safe > sorry. Always. I'm looking forward to it cooling off, since I hate the heat. Still have some upper 80s days ahead here. Forging without sweating immediately is gonna be awesome. The little things.
  21. I have an order from the baron coming on Monday, some 52100 in there. Going to give this a shot!
  22. This is exactly the profile I've been wanting to do for her, so it's awesome to see how great it can look.
  23. My aunt asked me to make her a knife, and I've been wondering if people often soften the corners, as she's getting older. This looks great!
  24. Yeah, it pretty quickly seemed that a lighter, more loving touch will serve me better than beating the ever-loving snot out of it. Snapped a shot out of the shop! https://imgur.com/a/lQPPGLJ Not pictured: a close-up of the drill press station or the hand tool station. Really pleased with the modification kit on this Grizzly. That 1x30 is practically a rite of passage, but I do not miss it. I believe tomorrow or early next week I have a bevel jig coming in I'm pretty excited about. I've been getting pretty good grinds so far, but why not use a tool that'll help? B
  25. Hidden tang done well! I wonder if it was chemically like bog oak and preserved it.
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