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  1. Thanks Josh, that was the idea mate to take him with them into the bush. cheers
  2. Cheers Al If you do go ahead Brian be sure to sieve out all the grey ash as it will float in the resin.
  3. Thanks Alex hardest part was keeping my bloody dog away from the bones
  4. Not sure if this is of interest to the members. I had a request to build 4 drop point hunters for an ex police officer to gift to the sons and father of his best mate. His mate was killed in a car accident on his way to begin a night shift with the Vic Police. His son’s and father are all keen hunters, the only brief was that I had to incorporate the officer’s bones into the handles and put timber on the other side. I used blue G10 to signify the Police Service and Bull Oak for the wood. It took ages to place all the pieces of bone (sieved from his ashes ) with super glue prior to pouring the resin to stop them from moving. He was over the moon with the outcome with lots of tears as he presented their knives. A rewarding challenge for me.
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