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  1. Alan, no worries here at all. I have seem some folks online using 7018 or standard mig wire and I just have to shake my head at that. It took a metric ton of time to follow the instructions and go through all of the steps. The machining took forever as well. Thankfully I had time to let the mill run and go work on other projects. Thanks again for the input and information!
  2. Thanks for the reply Alan. That "machinist" was me. The anvil was in pretty poor shape, I mean really poor shape. It was missing a large portion on the rear so it was almost useless. I had a welding shop with a mill and access to endless endmills at the time from a large shop's recycle bin. I spoke to an old welder in a machine shop and he said he only trusted Eutectic and had repaired many anvils before. I spoke with Eutectic's technical support line and they recommended a certain allow of consumable for the anvil. They had some pretty specific instructions, which I followed pain
  3. I was wondering if anyone has information on the manufacture date for an anvil. I did order the Postman books, but they are going to take some time to get here. The anvil is a Trenton 180 pounder with the serial number A108458. Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance.
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