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  1. Ok thank you very much that’s what I’ll look for
  2. What manganese content should I look for to make a good hamon
  3. Ok thanks I got several angle grinders so that will save me some money checking that thread now about making my own forge
  4. Is there a forge anybody recommends I’ll definitely be into it I dabbled in blade making as a kid always wanted to get back into it looking for something at least 20 inches long that will last a while preferably under 400 dollars I plan on buying everything I need within the next week or so if anybody knows of a good belt sander that would be great to I’ve found some on Amazon but they all look like second grade sanders
  5. Ok what do you mean about not using the rigidizer just use the blanket as is
  6. Holy crap thanks for all the info I am so glad I joined this forum you guys are awesome oh does anybody know anything about the mr volcano propane forge I’m planning on getting the 2 burner one
  7. Awesome thank you for the help will check those out definitely and another question is 1080 good for beginners I’m planning on forging the blades as well not grinding a shape out
  8. I’m new to blade smithing trying to find out where I can get some good high carbon beginner steel (that produces a decent hamon) I live in Arkansas so was trying to find a supplier relatively close thank you
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