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  1. Jerrod Miller I’m not a expert in the matter. 
    I humbly ask you to explain me why in my research about steel used for blades or sword the metallurgical said that wootz and tamahagane are the best. 
    like I said I’m not a expert. But putting apart the fact that the wootz and tamahagane are extremely difficult to make and work with. Can you explain your point about modern steels are superior for blades. 
    thanks for your time an help

  2. Thanks Joël Mercier. It was after a saw Al Pendray & Dr. Verhoeven documentary about wootz Damascus steel I star my research I’m intrigue with this process. I remember seeing the steel in the Arms and armour national museum of New Delhi India. Many years ago. I thought it was just forge welding Damascus. 
    One thing I don’t understand is why does the bladesmith community doesn’t work with wootz knowing it is the best steel for blades. 


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