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  1. you are the dynamic duo!! Im at work now but I'll study all this tonight and get back to you
  2. Thank you Jaro and Alan!! You're NOT being a downer- this is what I need. But when you say the ratio between the arms and the toggles is way off - Can you give me better idea of what this means? Thanks
  3. I rcould really use my help with this best. I took the design off of ones I saw on You Tube. But Im getting so little force with the hammer and I don't know why. Does the hammer shaft have to be heavier? Does the bottom anvil need to be beefier? does my pivot and spring mechanism look correct? help? PS- I'm not doing forge work. I Need to make a thousand of the items pictured- Hammered 1/8 bronze rod. IMG_0065.MOV
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