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  1. Damn, I was hoping that wasn't it. I have about 2 more hours of work time available this week. Still gotta polish the blade and handle but that shouldn't take too long.
  2. The steel is 5160, and it's just under a millimeter thick directly behind the edge.
  3. Hey guys! Trying to finish up my first knife as a gift for my grandfather. I need to finish it tonight since I'm busy the next 2 nights and we leave early saturday to go see him for the holidays. I have everything done but getting the little bugger sharp. At first it seemed my blade as a whole was too thick, but after thinning it out it's only sharp towards the tip, enough to give me what amounts to basically a paper cut on my hand, and cuts paper. But I can't get the rest of the blade sharp at all. I was using 220 grit on my 1x30, got a burr and moved up to 400. At 4
  4. They haven't been hardened, planning to get my handle material this weekend so I can do it all at once. Both are 5160. Thanks for the advice, that's what I'll do! The bevels in the one for my grandfather were forged in, so that's going to make grinding them in the rest of the way much easier, though I'll probably do it by hand. I know it will take longer but less chance of me messing it up. The chefs knife I'm not sure how I'm going to do the bevels on it, the whole thing is extremely thin.
  5. Hey all, new here. Took a forging class this past weekend, solely focused on learning how to move the steel where you want it and such. The first knife is what we all made based on the demo the instructor did. When I finish this it will be a christmas gift for my grandfather. I just need to drill the holes, temper, finish the profile on the grinder, add handles, and sharpen. I haven't yet decided what handles I want for it, I want something nice and classy, so maybe something along the lines of Mahogany or Cocobolo. Thoughts? The second knife was of our ow
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