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  1. oh my fiancee hates when I work with antler in the garage LOL
  2. It was based on a template design. The guy running the workshop had a few mocked up templates based on some sword designs scaled down
  3. So my gf got me into a 2 day forging workshop for my birthday. Made this over the weekend.
  4. Well the look of it in a pic is cool at least. Hadn't seen one like that before. Sucks on the uncomfortableness and that it is brittle and cracked. Thanks Joshua. Was looking around in here at work and didn't see this one
  5. Ok thanks guys! Thats what I was thinking but then my brain started overthinking it LOL. Love that handle. What is it?
  6. Ok feel stupid asking this. But I'm getting ready to start my first damascus blade. Trying not to jack it up too bad as its going to be a xmas present hopefully for my father in law. Stacking 1095 and 15N20. I have seen it done but all of a sudden my brain is just shutting off and second guessing. You stack it and then forge weld it and flatten it out to shape. Restack it as many time depending on the layer count your want. The part my brain is messing up though in my head is what side to you put the edge? By that I mean the sides of the knife are the "bread of the sandwich" or not. I know stupid question, please don't crucify me LOL. I keep looking at how the layers would look and the pattern and its screwing me up for some reason. I'm just over thinking it.
  7. Thanks all for the good info. Looks like I'm gonna drill it out and epoxy it up
  8. How did it go Kreg? Did you like the antler handle or not?
  9. I'm getting ready to do a couple antler handles for the first time. Been reading on how to do them best. One way is boil it and push it on, let dry and it hardens to tang. Others drill is out and epoxy it on. Figured I'd ask on here which method do you prefer to use or have had the best luck with?
  10. Hey All, I'm Barney Barnett, 41 yrs old. I have 3 kids 2 boys 12 and 4 and a girl who is 3. Glad to be here in this forum. Been reading a lot. I built my first little brick coal forge a couple years ago. Just got a new propane 2 blower forge a couple months ago when I moved. Love it. Made a few knives. Working on some now that I am done moving. Going to try my first damascus one here soon, wish me luck. I just love forging and making knives. Got my 12 year old into it. Got him a smaller anvil so we work on stuff together now. He's working on a railroad spike knife now for his first one I am not hammering on with him. Glad to be here and learn from you all.
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