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  1. Cal G, That's a good looking pot! Thanks for the offer. PM sent Joshua, Thanks for the searching tips. I have done quite a lot of searching and reading already, but I did come across a few with your key works that I hadn't seen before. Unfortunately, most of the discussion is on building the pot & furnace with not a lot of discussion on the salt itself. On occasion there are comments like "I use a 50/50 mix of calcium chloride and sodium chloride", but these are not followed by a discussion about the reason for that choice, or the maintenance involved for a given mix. As I ment
  2. Thanks for the comments so far. Doug, Thanks for your concerns. They are well founded. I'm also quite concerned about safety and will be taking every precaution and always wearing appropriate PPE. The kiln that I have built is a PID controlled two burner pentagonal electric kiln. I have the ability to crank the top burner up to melt the top first before the bottom. I also will be putting a conical plug in my salt at the end of each HT session and removing it before the next. The vessel that I have made is 3/8in wall stainless steel with a full penetration weld 3/8 in cap at the bo
  3. Hi All, I think that I have done my due diligence to search for this information on the forum (and others). Please forgive if I have missed it. I should also mention that I have posted this elsewhere without much luck. Any light you can shed on my questions below would be much appreciated. I’m building a large high temp salt pot kiln which is nearing completion. Despite my searching I haven’t been able to find answers to some questions I have about the salt itself and I hope that some of the seasoned veterans here may be able to help. I also hope that this information may b
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