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  1. Thanks for the help looking at them. Here is one closer pic of the grain.
  2. Hi, can someone look at my pictures of this throwing knife I made out of 5160, please? It was a practice piece and had gotten burned some in the coal forge some. What does the break look like ? Is it from the burn marks on the side? Thanks for the critique : )
  3. Sounds good, thanks for the input, Alan : )
  4. How do you attach the blade for these Katars to the handle part? Is making them all from one piece the only way, or can someone help suggest another way to attach the blades? I want to make one and am trying to understand how to go about it without welding anything. Thanks : )
  5. Thanks for the broach suggestion, Jaron - that guy looks like he would get the job done : ) I may also get an end mill bit to tackle drilling the same slots in nickle silver brass, thanks, Alan
  6. Hi, I received a small 5 speed drill press for Christmas and started using it to drill out the slot for my first full length hidden tang knife. I am drilling in pecan wood that I have lots of from a local lumber mill. I drill like 3 holes in a line and then have to work the bit sideways to wallow out the material in between the holes. I know a small mill would be the ideal way to solve this, but can I use some sort of side cutting drill bit to be more efficient with what I have? What would yall recommend on a beginner's budget? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Don, I used my rounding hammer to get more of a spread and then hit it from the other side as well. It looks like the coil i am using today is 5/8" round. I'll keep practicing on it : )
  8. Thanks for the advice, Joshua, I have not made but a few blade shapes so far and do not have an eye yet how far the metal will spread. I'm learning as I go : )
  9. I have a lot of 5160 ish type coil springs that are a little less than 3/4" round. If I flatten them some and forge weld 2 or 3 on tope of each other, when I go to draw out a knife shape, does it matter where the forge weld lines are located? Do they have to be on the spine? Thanks!
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