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  1. Thank you Alan for sharing your wealth of knowledge. That information would make a lot of sense. I found out last night that the man who owned this worked at a naval shipyard. We wondered if this may have been a salvaged item from the dumpster or a purchase from when the naval yard was deactivated. Either way that yard ran from 1853-1995 so a wholesale anvil that is pre 1914 is very fitting for what little I know about it. Again thank you, I will try to find out any more information I can on my end. And thank you for your time and help along my path of learning.
  2. Thank you Geoff. my father in law owns a hay outfit in California, as he was making a delivery he noticed the horn of this anvil sticking out of a pile of things at the back of the barn. The owner of the anvil only knew it was her fathers who had passed on some years ago. So unfortunately as of now I don’t know the history/life this anvil has had. But it made a perfect Christmas gift to me and I am very excited. I have no intention on disturbing/cleaning it in any way. I too love it, as it is. I look forward to the bounce test and the beginning of my learning process. I hope thi
  3. Thank you Alex. I appreciate your reply and information. I will test it as soon as I can and at least let you know the results. Again, thank you. Merry Christmas/Happy holiday!
  4. For some reason the photo of the stamped lettering is loading upside down. I believe the lower stamp to read HIF. And the top to maybe read NDIA. I could be flawed in what I am reading
  5. Hello, my name is Justin Pulliam. I am new to the craft. I was gifted an anvil for Christmas. It’s broken in two with a repair that had been made to it. There are some markings on it I’d like some help with identifying where it came from as well as any thoughts/opinions on the repair that was made and if it’s a useable anvil or just a good house decoration.. it weighs 156 lbs. i believe it used to be 150lbs but any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help.
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