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  1. I got two pieces of exotic wood but I do not know what type of wood it is. The darker one is cocobolo. Can anyone identify the lighter one? It is orange with dark brownish black stripes. Thanks.
  2. Whoops. Yes i did. I must have posted it twice. Sorry...
  3. Just finished a bird and trout knife. The blade is 5160 from a car spring coil and the handle is yellow bitch burl. The burl is not stabilized so I dont no what that will do to the handle. I was debating on carving a trout on the sheath but there wasn't enough room to carve and it still look aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Thanks. I get PCB acid from radio shack and mix it with distilled water at a 2 parts water to 1 part acid ratio. I usually leave it in the acid for about 5 minutes.
  5. Ok. I live up in brook park and we only have a local car scrapyard. I will probably check it out this summer.
  6. Ok. This isn't a beginners question, I just dont know where else to put it. I have a cut maple and yellow birch burl and they are about 1'-3' wide. How do i chop them up and what do I put on them to give them that nice dark brown color?
  7. I usually listen to Christian music (I'm a Christian) (lauren daigle, jeremy camp, mercy me), rock(nickleback), hip hop(eminem is the only one I can stand) classical (listz, Beethoven, chopin) and metal( metallica, korn, three days grace, fear factory, pantera, godsmack, ghost, mudvayne, damageplan). A majority of the time I listen to metal tho. I cant stand jazz, opera or wannabe gangsta music.
  8. Where can I get cable for Damascus? I have a couple books that have a step by step tutorial on cable damascus.
  9. Ok. How many layers do I need to do a twist pattern? Should I stack and reweld after that?
  10. Ok. Thanks for the advice. This billet is up to 18 layers by hand. I changed my mind about the pattern and am going to take Allen's advice about the twist damascus pattern. There is probably not enough steel in this billet to make a knife but this attempt was just to see how difficult to achieve a pattern weld. I should have ground down the bullet a little bit more because the edges of the steel folded over, covering the lighter contrast. Also those saw blades have carbide teeth brazed on but are hardenable. I checked the spark test, grain test(see quote) and the steel is harder than any other
  11. Today I decided to try making Damascus steel. I have never tried it before and was nervous about the product. I forged a piece of circular saw blade to a file (actually 6 pieces stacked alternately) by hand because I do not own a power hammer but I am working on making a motorized treadle hammer. I cut Xs into the face of the billet and forged it down. The design is barely visible in the picture. Does anyone have any advice on making Damascus of this kind?
  12. Not really. Just where to find affordable attatchments. I'll experiment to find the right height.
  13. I made this knife from an old sawblade a few months back on a commission. It is acid etched in hydrochloric acid. This knife features an ironwood handle and brass pins. The sheath is 7/9 oz leather. I think it took me about a week to make and 20 hrs overall.
  14. Ok. Thanks. The one that I have is of a similar design but custom built. I only have 1 belt and it's an 80 grit. Before I bought this I was using a 1x30 and it was difficult to use due to its small size. Can I add a vfd to a 2hp motor to make it variable speed?
  15. I have recently purchased a 2x72 tube grinder and am wondering what height I am supposed to mount it at (I am 5'11".) Also where do I aquire attachments and belts?
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