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  1. Yes sir. I found that on their website after I posted this.
  2. With all the information on here I wanted to crunch some numbers for my Coal 12 ton. I couldn't find info for the motor on their website. They paint over the badges. 2HP motor with 4" cylinder is what their 16 ton is. Am I reading that correctly, if you rewire it from 115 to 230 it goes from 1430RPM to 1720RPM?
  3. Did you use the previous cylinder before the swap? If so did you notice any improvement in metal moving? Got my Coal 12 about a month and a half ago and it moves steel but not very well. Wanting to add a PSI gauge but don't know the t fitting size I would need.
  4. I have the Coal 12ton. Am doing the Wen 4" x 8" (CC4008) cylinder upgrade. Would like to add a PSI gauge as you did, but I'm not sure what t-fitting size I would need. Will you post a link to parts or DM them, please? Just want to verify I'm getting what I paid for - 12 tons. Thank you.
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