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  1. Thank you to all that have responded, I tried all of these suggestions and it worked. I will post pictures when it is finished. I started by cutting the steel then i ground it flat and clean on my grinder. i then decreased it and put it in a drill press vice to weld with bits of paper in between the layers to consume oxygen. the billet was then welded completely around and a handle was welded on. i heated it up and set the weld with a 1 lb ball peen and then reduced the thickness. A while before i fired up the forge I also gave it another coat of metrikote Ir reflector. -Jacob
  2. Alan, thank you for the advice. The steel that I used has claimed to be flat (it is from alpha knife supply) and I ran it over my grinder immediately before welding. I used a 4 lb hammer with a medium blow to set the welds, then I took a few more welding heats before I began to draw it out. I would assume that I hit it too hard. -Jacob
  3. I have been able to weld steel together in the past for Damascus. but recently i tried to make a San Mai billet out of 1084 and 15n20 and the welds didn't stick. I thought this was a fluke so it tried again and the second billet failed as well. I then switched to a coke forge to see if it was the forge that was the issue and it failed yet again. The billet when ground clean appears to be welded but you can still see slight indications of where the layers are and when i tried to forge a blade it came apart. The pieces were ground clean and mig welded on the corners prior to each attempt. If anyone has any input as to why they failed it would be greatly appreciated. -Jacob
  4. Thank you The razor cuts fine it just needs a little more fine tuning on the bevel. -Jacob
  5. These are two knives i made over Christmas break, they are my first Damascus blades. The first one is a straight razor 15N20 and 1084 twisted with about 30 layers with a walnut WW2 stock for a handle and a brass rivet and washers. The second is a EDC style knife with a multi-bar twist core clad with 1084 with a brass spacer, a micarta spacer and an African blackwood handle. Critiquing is welcome.
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