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  1. I found a few pretty affordable AirBnBs while looking for lodging. Some are just somebody's extra room or a little trailer or shack, but there are a few decent ones too for $60ish - $75ish per night, if folks aren't into camping and don't want to pay $120+ a night for housing. I'll be up in Johnson City proper, about a 10-minute drive from the venue. Just figured I'd mention it in case folks were still looking for beds.
  2. Is this event open to new/aspiring bladesmiths looking to absorb a lot of info from experts or is it more for experts to catch up and show-and-tell? Wouldn't want to be the lone new/clueless guy at an event for old hands, but this does sound awfully appealing if I wouldn't be sort of snooping around the wrong territory. I live in Knoxville, so something close by is very appealing.
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