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  1. Okay so I tried it again but it still didn't work, I got the oil at about 50°C, the steel was at orange and I quenched it until it was cold, steering it around in the oil. It don't get it. And as a beginner I'm not even sure if its really hardened, I tried the file test and it sounds like it's hardened, but still I feel like it's not. Is there any other way to check if it's hardened apart hammering it in the vice until it breaks or bends?
  2. Okay I'll try to quench it again with the cleaned surface, but should the oil be hot or is it okay if it's room temperature? Okay thank you, I'll keep that in mind. And thank you for the compliment!
  3. Hello to everyone! My last project was the steel for a flint and steel tool. The steel used for it was coil spring that I got from my mechanic. The design was the same as the one my sister has. After forging it out I quenched it at a non-magnetic dull red in canola oil. After sanding of the oxides I tried it out... couldn't get any sparks. While sanding it sparked a lot, maybe the hardening process didn't work? Because when I used the flint on it, after a few tries, there where some scratches. Has any one of you got any hints? Greetings from Italy Alex
  4. Thank you all again for you responses, I couldn't get hold of the Steel vendor till now. But you might be right that it is just mild steel. I made today some J-Hooks and some bottle openers. Next week I will try myself making some tongues. And as you said, if mild steel is okay for tongues I'll use it for that. I tried to make a slot and a center punch of mild steel but it's just to soft after a few blows it starts deforming. But I ordered some C45 (1045) online and that should be good for a Hammer. Good note on the ferro, because it's quite confusing, I mean even for the price I b
  5. Thank you all for your quick responses! There's a reason I asked about the iron, when I went to the local steel supplier and I asked him for some material that is good for forging, he gave me iron, that's what the recipe also says, not wrought iron or cast iron, just iron. That's why I asked, now that I bought it I noticed I should have looked closer before buying it and think about it... Now I'm stuck with quite some bars I can't really use for forging tools(what I would really need now) I mean I can make leaves and other decorations out of it, but it's a looooot material just for decora
  6. Hello to everyone! A few weeks back I started out forging, until now I just used scrap steel I found around our house. Now I wanted to forge some basic tools, hammer, tongues, punches. But from what I saw the steel I found is way too soft and also to little to forge a hammer for example. So I started looking into types of steel and now I'm starting to be really confused. So what I could understand, that there's the SEA Grading system with 4 digits. So for example for knifes they recommend 304, 316, 420 and 440. So my question now is, is there one type of steel that can do most jobs in too
  7. Thank you all for your replies! I tried it yesterday with a tube, going in directly in the firepit. It worked! Now I can get it easier up to heat! I will finish this coal and then buy another type of coal. I think it will be easier to find wood charcoal then coke, so next time I'll try with that. Now I'm really excited to try some more forging! Thank you again for your fast replies! Alex
  8. Hello to everyone! Recently I've been watching a lot of forging videos and I got really interested in trying to forge on my own. So I went out there to find an easy way to try it out. I found some videos saying you just need a fireplace, get some coal, heat it up and air it with a blow-dryer. So that's what I exactly tried these days. In my backyard I've got a brick grill, that's what I used as my oven(I'll attach a foto). Also I attach a foto of the coal used (I broke the brickets in nut sized pieces, so that there not too big and not too little so the that they just make dust.
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