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  1. I think this is sword...six? This time a Type XV based loosely on several examples from the Castillon Group A swords. OAL 34.5" Blade length 28.5" Mass: 1021g POB 4.24" from the cross More info here.
  2. Thank you- that's all belts on the grinder. I leave the flats at a lower grit for contrast, then work the bevels up. I need my new transformer hooked up before I can plug my buffer in (it's 3ph).
  3. A new 440c belt knife, the Cooper's Hawk. I've been working on my belt finishes as my hands are not up to hand sanding every piece. Pretty happy with this on a working knife.
  4. I saw that on IG and was wondering about the plug. Looking good, Matt!
  5. Phillip seems to be having fun:
  6. I'm no help there, but there is a lab here in CO I've used to confirm a sh!t batch from Admiral. CO Metal Services at testmetals.com.
  7. I use a variety. 154 for the stainless outdoor knives, 440c for the stainless kitchen, 1075, 1080, 1095, some D2, 80CRV2, 8670 and SV30. 10xx and 154 are my work horses, though.
  8. Seems to have disappeared. I edited the post, so hopefully it's back. Here are a couple of others.
  9. And a few photos I nabbed before boxing it up. Blade: 34" Total length: 40" Mass: 1107g More narrative and photos
  10. Salavtore Marrone- my version of a vertical Sam Brown for vertical wear at modern evens (so as to not trip or poke other attendees).
  11. I quite like the scabbard fittings.
  12. Thanks! Not really. Back many years ago I made some hilts for schlager blades for fencing. They worked, but I'm a much better fabricator now I have a bit of material that I need to test (from the Admiral order with bogus alloys). When I pull off a developed rapier blade I look forward to doing some, though!
  13. This one has a couple of hilt details inspired by a Nagroli piece from 1540, along with my own spin. The blade is 34.5", and the total mass is 1093g. The blade is a diamond cross section throughout, and the ricasso is left with a wide, rounded edge. The scabbard is a laminated core with sewn leather covering, ricasso guards and a steel chape. More photos and details on my site.
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