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  1. And another set from today- this one a small field/ target quiver for micro diameter arrows with a matching arm guard.
  2. I'm doing a little work on the shop, so metal has slowed down, but I've been getting some leather out.
  3. Thanks- yes, it's a nice way to define the faces, and Seems to hold up well with use.
  4. An 8" stainless chefs knife with green micarta and brass pins.
  5. Hi, Guy- yes, cotton twist (I forget if it's three or two bundle). I've done a bit of experimenting with jute and hemp, but I prefer the consistency of the cotton cord and the final impression. I originally ground this to a zero, but backed that off to a fine secondary bevel with an appleseed as it just seems more robust depending on who ends up with it. And thanks for following along on IG. Lots of process/ intermediary stuff when I get the chance.
  6. Thanks, Doug. Ive been trying to get more even coloring with Feibings- I was quite pleased with the blue.
  7. I think this is sword...six? This time a Type XV based loosely on several examples from the Castillon Group A swords. OAL 34.5" Blade length 28.5" Mass: 1021g POB 4.24" from the cross More info here.
  8. Thank you- that's all belts on the grinder. I leave the flats at a lower grit for contrast, then work the bevels up. I need my new transformer hooked up before I can plug my buffer in (it's 3ph).
  9. A new 440c belt knife, the Cooper's Hawk. I've been working on my belt finishes as my hands are not up to hand sanding every piece. Pretty happy with this on a working knife.
  10. I saw that on IG and was wondering about the plug. Looking good, Matt!
  11. Phillip seems to be having fun:
  12. I'm no help there, but there is a lab here in CO I've used to confirm a sh!t batch from Admiral. CO Metal Services at testmetals.com.
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