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  1. Just discovered a workman came across the anvil and in a moment of enthusiastic carelessness bounced a hammer on it. Unfortunately, they picked up exactly the wrong carbide tipped hammer and left a bunch of pock mark clusters. Weeeee!
  2. Thanks! Wood core, shagreen, 4 bars and 2 steel endcaps.
  3. Thanks! I really wanted to get the bevel transitions correct for the type. Pretty fun shapes. This was my first barred grip. Always trying to learn.
  4. Here is a riff on a North Italian/ Venetian Republic falchion of the mid to late 15th Century. Full details and larger photos here. My thanks to Clive Thomas, James Elmslie and Fab Cognot for sounding some ideas based on their research.
  5. 7" spin on my Kochmesser. The scales and saya are all the same piece of sapele. Copper pins and 440c blade.
  6. Mmmm....#satisfyingsayasounds https://www.instagram.com/reel/CzTwJEOup2V/?igshid=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng==
  7. Hi Doug- the fittings are cold blued and rubbed back a bit.
  8. I am just wrapping up this piece. While not a direct recreation, it is designed with stylistic elements from several museum pieces. I wanted a "working" dagger with more detailing than an armoury grade weapon, but not a high status piece. Being relatively reserved in details, it was important for me to try to balance those in an authentic way. The scabbard is made after construction examples in Covering the Blade with hardware again based on period examples. The locket has a roped top edge and rear staple type mounting loop for wear behind the left hip. The chape has a small acorn drag. This one is double edged, hollow ground, with somewhat minimized distal taper for a stiff parry and stout tip. All the wirework and turks heads are done in iron wire.
  9. First locket. This one has a staple type mount for left side small of back carry/ left draw. Both the locket and chape I tried to detail in a nice, but not high status way to match the dagger and scabbard construction (also a new to me approach).
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