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  1. B38, so the wide face double horn with the upsetting block. Looks like NOS with a bit of wear from being around. 107kg/ 236# VID_127960730_163145_542.mp4
  2. Not in my kitchen, but a client's wife works in a pro kitchen, and her first work knife wore out. It was replaced, and they asked me to rework this to extend its service life. Full regrind, reground bolster, back bevel, rounded spine, etc. And now with a shaving edge.
  3. "Giddyup" in AEBL and katalox:
  4. A dynamics illustration from Andy J:
  5. Here is a Dynamics graph and sketch:
  6. Ah, yes. That is a frustration I understand. Good luck with the move!
  7. Thanks, Gary! Trying to push myself in every new work. The guard overlay is often referred to as a "rain guard", though I suspect it's more of a "blade chape" based on art work. It's one of those things that is depicted, but very few actually survive, fewer still with their sword and scabbard. In this case it's a laminate of veg tan leather, as is the scabbard cover. This is a two-handed long sword. While it can certainly be used with one hand, it has roughly 225mm between the cross and grip- edge of the pommel. Size in photos can be deceptive. At about 120cm, its almost 4' long. Here is an early 1400's depiction of similar swords in a German fight manual.
  8. I've been teasing a build-along in the "What did you do in your shop today?" thread, but here is the final build.
  9. I did a rough estimate- looking at closer to 18,000 by the time I'm done. Tippytappytippytappy
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