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  1. One of my "Pocket Mouse" serise just finished and available.
  2. I reworked one that was too nice to sit around. Shortened it up, touched up the grind and made a new sheath.
  3. Peen block. The donut type is borrowed from a museum piece. Clean peen makes it hard tontell, eh?
  4. Do you know the alloy? Keep an eye out for signs of zinc or lead.
  5. Its more stuff overall, but less hanging off your face and in the way.
  6. Big moves! Congratulations on all fronts.
  7. Getting this one worked up for assembly. Getting a pretty good surface finish. I'm not usually a polished guy, but what the hell. All on the grinder.
  8. I cant emphasize enough how much I recommend a papr. Its so much better than a dust or cartridge mask. I feel better, work better, and just might live longer. With this one I'd recommend ear pro since the air line is right under your ear, but I always have earbuds at a minimum anyway.
  9. Made some leather modeling tools I've wanted. W1 rod and knurled stainless tattoo machine grips.
  10. Looking good. I'd love to hear how the show goes. I was on the other side of the table many years ago when I lived in Eugene.
  11. Nice- just wondering. I look forward to your chased version!
  12. Looks like a good start! Out of curiosity, was the original chiseled in, or repousse?
  13. I got burned hard by Admiral with no help or material replacement, so buyer beware.
  14. Ended up with the Optrel Swiss Air. Price is good, parts are available, works with a beard and glasses, fits under a grinding shield or regilar welding helmet, allows choicenof earbuds, headphones or earpro as needed.
  15. Thank you! It's been several months in the series, I'm just at a point where they are converging in finishing steps!
  16. A freshly completed dagger with a pronounced ricasso and reinfirced point. It has carved steel fittings and German silver accents. The byknives include a small utility blade and bodkin pricker. Everything is nestled into a laminated leather and wood scabbard with tooled fac, roped edges and a fabricated/ carved steel chape. This one includes an integrated hang point in the welt. A full description at: https://www.wintercutlery.com/product/germanic-16th-c-rosette-dagger-set/200
  17. Do you push the temper on the backsprings further? I really need to do some folders down the road.
  18. On this piece there is not an integrated belt attachment as this would be more of a tie on, although I can modify if a buyer needs it. There are all manner of ways of doing a loop, but lots of period pieces did not integrate in the way modern sheaths do. For the laminate, I often have a bit more going on, but thats the basic formula. I think about how I want the final sheath to look, how much leather I want around the edges then make a plan to get me there. If you like this one, the one I'm working on now should be interesting, too!
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