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  1. I'd run some test pieces, but electrolysis is often used for cleaning steel parts. But some scotchbright and polish would also do it.
  2. https://pewterbank.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Electrolytic-Cleaning-of-Pewter.pdf
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CxdqPM0u7VU/?igshid=NjIwNzIyMDk2Mg== $4 HF tack hammer, $2 McMaster-Carr bearing. New drill bit oprtional.
  4. If you do another down the road, you might look at the curve. Many of the locally built sabres of these types have a straighter section for the first third or so, then a more pronounced curve before relaxing as they go. The Napoleonic western European emulations more generally had the full, deep hilt to tip curve. Looking good- have you started the castings yet?
  5. If you have not already glued the grip, you might hold off. Being able to clamp the tang and slide the guard away from the blade could prove useful if you are trying to do all the mods with the pieces assembled.
  6. As a guy who used to do welding projects on an apartment deck, I get it. Have fun!
  7. This one is pretty slicy. AEBL and stabilized burl.
  8. Fun knife and great colors.
  9. Kris, this might be just the drive to order up that grinder you know you want.
  10. Looks like a fun project. I'm not sure what metal working skills you have, but a scratch built pommel and guard would give you more design room and a chanxe to play with other materials, should you choose. You could also extend the tang for a new peen/ block set up.
  11. Nice! When I was first getting started I had a pile of scrap, and just did knife shaped practice to get comfortable on the grinder. I'm a big fan of practicing skills just as exercises.
  12. Pretty sure it was leatherstampstools This one is an older Japanese stamp. I have a small shake of weave tools.
  13. I'll see if I can find it and shoot you a note.
  14. There is a buisness thread, so I won't muck this one up past this post. But there is something to be said for valuing your time. Anywho, today In addition to more leather I'm going to try to get some decent phoros for a couple piece drop tomorrow.
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