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  1. Cool, similar process. But not from tool steel.
  2. I got them on my wish list. I've found that when books are crazy like this you can just put them on the wish list. Then when you check back every few days or weekly, you will catch them when someone submits a book for sale at a reasonable price. I got a reasonable price on a super sought after OOP book "The Complete Spinning Wheel Book". But I am yet to find a copy of "The Jewish-Japanese sex and cookbook and how to raise wolves"...
  3. Consider that my main interest is classical folders, and other folding types. I just completed my second recommended book. What would someone else recommend. Here's the two I have been through so far: Slip-joint Folder Designing and Building - Steve Culver The Lockback Knife: From first Design to Completed Folding - Stefan Steigerwald I also have "Slipjoints My Way: A complete method of making a slipjoint folder from raw materials all the way to the finished knife." - Don Robinson, currently in my Amazon cart, but am reluctant to bother ordering it because of the comme
  4. not sure why you can't see them now. perhaps a refresh..
  5. I updated the photos, see if you can see them now. I was having trouble finding 4" carbide so I ordered a pair of 2-1/4" x 1/4" x 1/8" tool bits. I figure that will cover the working area. I will either glue or silver solder it on when it gets here. I also ordered some 1/4" dowel pins, and #C drill bit, and 0.2495 and 0.251 reamers. We are about to find out how square of a hole I can drill with my press
  6. That sounds fun. Unfortunately, I have little to no interest in forging whatsoever. If I pick up a hammer, it will be measured in ounces, and likely single digit ones at that. But I wouldn't mind smoking out of a tomahawk, especially one covered in the blood of my enemy I have looked into both them as well as the SC one. There are 2 members on their list with addresses near me, and I have reached out to them. But I got very little back from one, and the other simply told me to go to the meeting. Not everyone wants a mentee, or even a n00b to chat with. Unfortunately, they
  7. I am in quite a number of places simultaneously. BladeForums, KnifeDogs, r/knifemaking, several groups on FB, TheKnifeNetwork, AllAboutPocketKnives, NCCKMG, SCKMG, as well as working through several books on the subjects at hand, online written tutorials, as well as video ones from several different makers. I tend to ask the same questions across all those places and whenever there is enough interest, I get to collect opinions and that gives me something to at least start to formulate opinions about. Eventually, I will determine that I get better answers about A from one, and B from
  8. I agree with that 100%. However, when observing different people doing different things, perhaps towards a similar goal, it is legitimate to ask why? Or how? And that's what I think I am doing. Especially so, when you are reading discussions where someone says something to the effect that "If you don't do ABC you are a hack and your product is crap!" and responses that say "I've never done ABC and my crap outsells your treasures." and a third that says "Neither of you has a clue, just do this!" I know what I am currently trying to accomplish. This particular topic is a stretch from where
  9. It's the lack or being able to follow which post he was responding to. If he was simply responding to my first post in the whole thread, then yeah, great response. But this late in the game, I already know I need to learn more. However, if that was the response to the last post I typed in... then I must have gotten it all wrong. So it's like I said something that summed up what was explained "Ok, so if I do xyz, then I should expect qrz and this is this and that is that, right" and the response that I read next is "You might need to consider getting some training..." Kind of suggests that
  10. I intend to put these knives together with no washers, bushings, or relief. They all have brass liners, and I can't imagine brass scratching 80crv2 that is properly hardened. The reason for the initial query was because I read a recommended book "Slipjoint Folder Designing and Building", watched a video and tutorial on Chris Crawford's site and another that I can't remember the source where the guy made a single blade shadow pattern trapper with no liners and just G10 and did the whole relieve the liners thing. So while I am learning "basic" slipjoints, I am hoping to move forward in
  11. Ordered the Jen-Ken Air Bath 16. And now we wait... They said they have 1100 (maybe 3 months) before me. So now they get to race with AmeriBrade (6 to 8 week lead time) to see whether I can heat treat or grind on a 2x72 first...
  12. I made a thing tonight. It is called a "file guide". It should be made from hardened steel so that you can fasten a knife tang or other part in it and run a file right up against it in order to make symmetric and/or square lines and so forth. People even use them to ride up against the platen of belt or disk grinders to get a consistent line at the end of the bevel on both sides. If I want to do that I can get some 1/4" carbide tool bits and glue them on. For now, they are going to be used to align bolsters on folding knives, so regular old mild steel should suffice. It was also an interest
  13. So when working with the bushing, you are making it only 0.0008 thicker than the blade? But someone working with washers is making each of them 0.005 thick each for 0.010. I assume the same could be done with the washers if such thin shim stock were available. As there merely needs to be a difference in size, not necessarily 0.010 or 0.001 ... both seem to be fairly slight in size. I have rebuilt slipjoints, and resurrected them from factory parts (somewhat equivalent to a kit), and am currently working on 6 classic patterns, I will post pictures below. Country cousin snaps op
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