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  1. I am familiar with the idea of pressure drop causing cold temperatures and potential for freezing from my degree but no practical experience, Is that something I only have to be concerned with because of how inefficient this system seems to be or will that be something I run into with a single burner as well? Does seem like the common consensus is for me to pitch this set up and start a new, I have watched a few YouTube videos with guys testing single burner forges from amazon https://youtu.be/gniZXNxXL60. This was the one that seemed the best. I would prefer to keep this endeavor
  2. For those interested, Here is a little bit better picture of what I am working with. like I mentioned previously, this system and this adventure is almost brand new to me. So forgive me if I miss represent or label something, corrections are welcome. seen below, I have a 20 pound propane take with a turkey cooker adjustable regulator. from there I go into a diverter that seems to just be used for heating up the thermocouple and then to the magnetic solenoid valve that sparked this conversation. 4 burners, hadn't gotten a chance to lite all of them before the pressure on the ring gave
  3. Always interests me how some people have developed that virtue of patience and others have not. Was away from my computer for work, but I apologize if my work does not fit into your schedule 3rd shift tends to do that.
  4. Alright thank you. I'll grab some pictures and make a new post. I'll get those on as soon as I can get back on. Copy on the tools and toolmaking also, I apologize for that.
  5. Good morning, Ill preface with the fact that I am very new to forging and have next to no idea what I am doing. I spent some time looking for the answer to my question on the site before I posted this but if it exists, I did not find it. I was given what seems to be a very nice Propane forge by a close friend when he heard that I was trying to get a new hobby now that I was out of school and had some free time and was looking at forging. I am learning about the forge through trial and error. Located on the gas line is a magnetic solenoid valve, it looks like its a K3A model. When und
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