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  1. Sweet! I like the swing arm lube holder also.
  2. I didn't feel right putting Jymmns anvil undeer a "cheap anvil" header so I moved it. http://www.hoffmansforge.com/anvils
  3. Here's another option. http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=17763
  4. *For small stuff or thin stuff, put a pipe in the forge, this keeps the direct heat off the work. *loosly translated from the Blacksmiths Gazette, a compilation of articles from around the turn of the last century.
  5. if a handle goes ina hole it's a nutcracker
  6. I like angle iron. I build a tight fitting angle iron rectangle to fit the base, and use one 1" ( nut welded to a hole in the base rectangle)or so bolt to tighten the anvil base into the rectangle. No anvil bounce with this method. I usually use a piece of neoprene or even plywood under the anvil, 4 legs to your preferred height completes the base. It looks like a truncated pyramid. I've mounted three anvils this way and prefer it over stumps.
  7. CHRIS, You are my current favorite youtube STAR!
  8. i dunno how big is that dang horse? I bought one for a friend 5 years ago and paid $100.00 for it. The one I bought wasn't as good a shape as yours.
  9. I use the schedule 40 nipples on my burners. They have worked fine for a couple years now. Birddog just emailed me about a burner he built, He found a brass 1/4 cap plug at lowe's or home depot. On the ID the cap plug is concentric, the 1/8" drill bit centers nicely and then tap the cap for the mig tip.
  10. [if the gas is used at a resonable rate ... the tank doesn't freeze. That was common practise in the old days with a not to well designed forge burner.
  11. [if you haven't found your parts yet, look for a Oil Pipe supply store. SUrely there is one or two of those in TX
  12. It's been my experience if your tank freezes you are just wasting fuel.
  13. http://www.twinoaksforge.com/BLADSMITHING/...%20CHARCOAL.htm http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-some-Charcoal/ skip the tree planting, use scrap wood and pallets, as near free fuel as you'll get......
  14. I make flares by heating the end of the pipe and using a drift. I have a bullpin that seems about right, but... I like the refractory flares better, the wool lasts longer and I seem to have a more even burn. I used a coke bottle to form the flare
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