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  1. As always, thanks for the info Alan. Im almost done with my belt grinder build (as long as I didn't drop the ball on my pro welding). I think I'll pickup the Mr. Volcano, thats a very nice price and will allow me to fit on a big propane tank I have had my eye on. I'll take your advice on the refractor. Thanks again -Chase
  2. I fully intend on building my own forge to suit my needs in due time. After building my belt grinder and intending to make all my own tools im a bit wore out on big projects, especially if I can find a budget forge that is capable of forge welding for relatively cheap. I of course was taking a look at Hells Forge double burner forges, which are apparently capable of reaching forge welding temps.I do wish the burners were off to the side at an angle, but what can I expect for <$400. Has anyone got any thoughts or opinions as to whether these forges are a good start for a begineer? Oval-
  3. Oh nice, Yea I did end up buying the plans for the tilting grinder, I have everything almost cut out and ready to weld. I think your right, it will prove to be useful after all. Thank you for the pics!
  4. Thanks Alan, I'll reach out to them, that was going to be my next question for you. Thanks Joël and John for your advice. Pretty much all I have left is deciding what chassis to build. I havnt made a decision on whether I get 2hp 3 phase with VFD or 2hp single phase, I'll just have to see what I can get the biggest bang for my buck, (and run things by the wife) But you all have given me great information to get started with. I'll keep the thread updated with my build as it progresses.
  5. So my first grinder is either a 3 phase with a VFD or a single phase without a vfd. I'll have to keep researching. Do you know if the VFD I posted in the first post is good enough?
  6. Alan thanks for the advice, good to know they aren't required. That allows me to invest in a 2hp motor and wheels and eventually add a VFD. Also, didnt know you were right down the road from me, I'm over in North Knoxville.
  7. Thank you for your awesome info, yea I think springing for one of those other motors I listed may be worth it in the long run.
  8. So Jaron, do you think the 1hp will be sufficient for a 2x72? most of my work will be done at the forge, but id still like to have the power to chew up some metal for finishing. and just to be clear, your referring to this one correct? https://www.harborfreight.com/1-hp-farm-duty-agricultural-motor-57338.html also found this one as well https://www.amazon.com/Three-Electric-General-Purpose-3450RPM/dp/B08K8QT3WF
  9. Thanks guy, ill have to weigh it when I get home, I made a separate forum post for my belt grinder build, Thank you for the suggestion. Allan, I originally intended on only cleaning up the head of the anvil but wanted to see the extent of the damage throughout. Thanks for the info, Im gonna try and find a ball to see how well it bounces back but it sings pretty damn loud =D I stuck a few big magnets on the tail of it and intend to wrap some chains to the base. You wouldn't happen to have any idea how old she is do you? I hear your the resident anvil expert around here haha.
  10. Hey there, I know there are countless post on the forums regarding belt sanders. After scouring all the threads I have a cumulative knowledge thats leaves me back at a very much indecisive square one. =D I do know, I want to build a 2x72, I will need an motor to sufficiently provide the power to hog, I will need a VFD of some sort, and I need to do this with the budget of $600. I am willing to cut and weld and make as much as I can to reduce the cost, thats why I purchased the welder, I intend to use it to build my forge down the road. As far as tools go, I have a new Lincoln stic
  11. Thanks Alan, I redid the pictures. I'll keep my eye out for a new grinder, in the meantime I have been pondering making my own and buying a 2hp motor. and I can't agree more. I hate apple but the ol lady insist we use Iphones haha.
  12. Hey Bladesmith's, new here. I have always wanted to get into bladesmithing but have never had the opportunity to until now since I purchased a house. I have managed to pickup alot of basic tools and stuff here in there in the never-ending battle of being a home owner. I have a few questions and need some help starting out. I have decided I would like to built as much as possible on my own (tools, forge, etc) One thing I am stuck on is the belt grinder. I have a delta 6inch stone bench grinder and am wondering if it is strong enough to build my a belt grinder. I also considered buying t
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