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  1. I said I won’t be able to do anything until next week but it kept calling me every time I looked at it. I contacted the Fisher museum and got some good info. I was made in the early 20’s and sold in 1932 . If it was sold in the year it was made they ground off the last two digits and rest amped it the year it was sold because they warranted it for one year. He also said it was a 350 / 400 pounder. He told me it was okay to wire wheel it lightly and give it a coat of light oil. so here’s what it looks like now.
  2. Thanks for all the info from everyone. Looks like I stepped in you know what. Took a hose to it yesterday and washed the dirt off looks better just doing that. Won’t get to do anything more with it till the Fourth. Got a side gig doing security for The Peach Festival in Scranton. Four days of Allman Bros type music. Can’t believe they pay me to be there! I’ll post pics next week. Happy Fourth everyone!
  3. Will do . Lots of barn door hinges, shutter keeper’s, hitching post rings and other small hardware. I wish I had a warehouse to fill. The old hand hewn chestnut beams are just beautiful. Old world craftsmanship. I guess guys like us that appreciate that stuff are few and far between. Most kids these days couldn’t tell you what a mortise joint was without their I pad. Let alone what a forge is!
  4. So I’m a heavy equipment operator and demo a lot of old properties. Lots in the Philadelphia area late 1700’s and early 1800’s. You guy’s would freak out if you saw some of the stuff that ends up in a scrapyard or landfill. I can’t save it all but I try to save some of it. Tons of old hardware.
  5. Thanks Geoff time to start ringing the neighborhood! their going to love me!
  6. Just getting started and rescued this anvil from going in a dumpster. Anyone know the age and weight. It’s really heavy and I don’t a a scale to weigh it. Also should I grind on it and sand it down? Any info would be helpful. Thanks james
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