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  1. That's true. All I've made so far is a flat nail.
  2. I wish my Dad would realize that
  3. I am definitely planning to go to the meeting, but I thought that it would be a good idea to get as much advice as possible before starting. I needed that
  4. Mostly I want a lot of recommendations for coal forges. I am sorry if I'm being too vague, but I just want to get as much information as possible.
  5. mostly getting stressed while trying to set up my forge and start bladesmithing. if you have any recommendations please reply on my topic.
  6. Please post any recommendations you have for a beginner. Thanks!
  7. I am SO appreciative of everybody on this site, I cannot say how much this has helped. 

  8. how did you get your coal forge?
  9. I am pretty fixed. there seems to be to much that can go wrong with gas forges. also I think it's cheaper and less hassle. but please correct me if I'm wrong. thank you so much for all the replies everybody!
  10. What kind of coal do you use? And how did you get it?
  11. It's a hand powered blower, the fire pot is a 9 by 6 by 3 bread pan
  12. sounds like I need to deepen my forge.
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