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  1. thanks billyO I live on S Troy st can you write your friend's email? I will write him a letter, maybe he needs an assistant in the forge. thanks for the answer.
  2. thank you Bruno, as soon as I arrived I started looking for a smithy on google, I wrote to all the blacksmiths who make blades, I only got a response from two, but they can't hire me. so I decided to post here because I thought someone from Chicago would be here. and as for work, there are many different ones. if i don't find a job in a forge, of course i'll find another job, it's just that i've been working in a forge since i was 16, i have more experience with knives, so i'd like to find a job like that first. thank you for your reply
  3. Hello everyone,my name is Nazar ,I am 31 years old and I'm a bladesmith. the title of the topic is the distance from my home in Ukraine to the city of Chicago where I currently live. I have had fibrous dysplasia in my hip since childhood, this unpleasant disease has always limited me in some way this happened and now, with the beginning of the war with russia, I wanted to join the army to defend my country against the russians, but I was declared unfit for military service due to illness. To be useful, my friends and I repaired cars that went to the front. I sold the machines f
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