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  1. Thanks so much for this. I'm gonna finish this blade out for myself to use and as a conversion piece, but its not getting my mark on it by any means lol. I'll try oil on the other half of the billet and see what happens. I also have a bunch of wrought, its my favorite material to work by far so I kinda horde it lol. Want to make a nice wrought iron clad san mai folder for my father in law for Christmas. Thanks again
  2. I figured for cladding on a san mai billet, hardware steel would be fine but I guess not. What I can't figure is how the mild cracked in the quench but the core steel is fine. I thought I had read that san mai needs the fastest possible quench medium the alloys can handle? I'm completely new to san mai though. Just a keyboard warrior for now
  3. Yes that was a typo, the mild steel was the cladding. That is what cracked. The core survived and was an old file.
  4. Hello all, I created an account here just for the sole purpose of picking your brains on some san mai I've made into a puukko style blade. Let me start out by introducing myself. I'm Keith from Indiana, I've been blacksmithing as a hobby for around 14ish years. I'm comfortable forge welding and I'd like to think decent with a hammer. I know there's always more to learn, but I just wanted everyone to know where I was coming from. My san mai construction is hardware store weldable mild on either side (the bar of stock that I got doesn't specify 1018 or A36), with a file for the core
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