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  1. Damn, I want to be there, but my oncologist says I shouldn't, not strong enough. Kidney cancer that moved into my lungs. Immunotherapy caused pancreatitis and I'm now temporarily on insulin for diabetes. But the lung cancer seems to be shrinking. Just spent 8 days in ICU. Enjoy the weekend. Good Lord willing, I'll see you all next year. Smelt away!!
  2. For someone whe "doesn't know what they're doing" you knocked that one out of the park! Very nice. Your research certainly paid off.
  3. When the little voice in your head says, "Don't do it", PAY ATTENTION!!!
  4. Having had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and a new rt index finger first knuckle (ain't science wonderful?) due to arthritis, I have several suggestions. First, use a lighter hammer. Using a too heavy hammer will tear up your joints really fast. Secondly, look up Uri Hoffi's videos on hammer control. He really isolates and protects his hands and wrist. Make sure your anvil is high enough. I set mine at knuckle height and tore up my right arm. I was talking to Don Fogg who suggested raising the anvil almost 4 inches. Presto! No more arm pain. Knuckle height if correct if you use a lot of top tools. Don suggested that I measure my arm movement until the hammer face is horizontal and then see how much too low the anvil face is. When I raised the anvil it was like night and day. Seriously, no more pain in my arm at all. Hope this helps!
  5. Clarinets and bagpipes! Use at least a dust mask and a have a shop vac to suck up the sanding dust and carving chips. Alan's right, it finishes beautifully.
  6. Make sure you work it cold, don't let it get hot when you're sanding or cutting. It can get real gummy. It is, however, a beautiful wood to work. Polishes nicely and smoothly.
  7. The sword is beautiful. I find it hard to imagine the amount of work that went into it.
  8. JJ, Occam's razor, named for Robert? of Occam. He postulated that if there's more than one solution to a problem, then the simplest is usually the most elegant and the best. I guess it's the foundation for the KISS principle.
  9. Kevin, You can turn an oval on a lathe by using double center locations. If you're turning a large, heavy pieceof wood you need a HEAVY lathe. Bill
  10. Be heading down on Thursday. Will be available to help the set-up crew. Can't wait. This is the best gathering anyone can attend. I'll try to smuggle in some firewood for evening fires. And bourbon, Doug, Bourbon!
  11. If you found the handle wood in Ashford, shouldn't it be ash, not shagbark hickory?
  12. Chris, Aline and I have you both in our thoughts and prayers. May G-d be with you both. Bill
  13. Alan, I think you got it. KT sword, not Knights of Columbus. The first name on the sword is John.... Bill Hoffman 32nd SR Northern Jurisdiction
  14. I'm a retired teacher, so I have a modest pension. But I also suppliment it by running a sharpening business at 2 local farmers' markets. My wife sells her artwork. But if I was dependent on knifemaking as a sole income stream, I'd be in the poorhouse. You folks who do this full time have my admiration and respect. Bill
  15. Holy cow! Garden? It's -10F here in the wilds of Northeastern Connecticut. (I know you Montana folks have no sympathy.)
  16. Another wonderful weekend on tap. (or scotch) See you then!
  17. How about wallpaper samples? Huge variety. Coop mentioned this during a demonstration years ago.
  18. Al, My condolences to you and those affected by your loss. Please keep talking and remembering the good times. Now is when you need to share with your friends and not try to carry the burden alone. Bill
  19. Sty tuned, folks. It'll probably get wurst.
  20. Our condolences on the loss of your mom. Bill & Aline
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