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  1. its been a longtime since i did some anvils. The place i live in is basically a mining town, and there ton's of resurfacing/hardfacing being done on the buckets and wear plates of hardrock mining equipment ( so it was easy to locate both the hardsurface rod and hardsurface wire for the mig, as the weld suppliers here carry alot) I found the mig much better at making a nice surface with very little undercut compared to the surface rod ( which i found hard to stop the undercut when laying beads so close together .... why is that important ? well when you go to clean up your welds later, y
  2. This ! handle is yucky (sorry to be harsh) looks like an old fake R.P had better taste in knives than this
  3. Hi Marius i agree with Alan, except my opinion is that Niko makes “ the best “ modern wootz steel. The patterns are absolutely wonderful ! He has worked very hard, and shared his experiences in many valuable posts. I have forged a blade out of Niko’s barstock and it is indeed a wonderful steel. ( which i would never part with and i cherish ! ) just my opinion, not to diminish the work of other Wootzmakers in any sense Id raise my glass and salute them all, for all their hardwork !
  4. that is a great blade and pictures !!!
  5. if you use a pitch bowl, it will hold your copper work piece solidly and make life much easier nice work!
  6. I enjoyed the videos myself, i like to weld up the wrought packet first as it requires a good high heat, then weld on the steel edge last at lower temp
  7. very very sorry to hear this news my condolences your in our prayers i'm at a loss for words.. Al please take care
  8. my condolences, very sorry to hear this news i lost my brother last year. I wish there was something i could tell you to make it better. take care Al
  9. hey Al i couldn't get it either on regular tv .. had to down load kodi tvmc to get it streaming over the net ( what a fiasco that was ) but it worked part that got me was when they couldn't drive Matt's knife into the barrel ( noodle armed host grrrrrrr )
  10. hi you produce a dendritic structure when the ingot cool (basically it doesn't all solidify at once.. some stuff comes out of solution before others and forms that tree like structure ) so unless you have done a long proper anneal to homogenize the ingot.. there will be some of it remaining
  11. Hi Jan bar 8b has waves like white caps just like the picture right bellow it .. very nice that big wheel is epic ! awesome
  12. if you do the bottom, enlarge the tang hole and fill with epoxy ! gives extra support
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