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  1. Haha, the ultimate! This must be made
  2. honestly the more I look at this design, the more I just want this but with my handle lol.
  3. Alright so here's what I came up with, it's just a quick sketch and I didn't bother to get exact measurements or anything, but I changed the tip to be more like some have suggested here, ditched the wide ridgeline, made the teeth more subtle with a much smaller gap similar to the jimping gaps, and fixed up the handle and the bolster (smaller gaps and no pin). Thoughts, opinions?
  4. I'm liking the clipped points. I think I will redesign this blade with some of the recommendations from you guys and repost the picture once done and ya'll can let me know what you think. Thanks so much everyone!
  5. interesting, I think some of these could work with the over all design and some probably can't because it just wouldn't go with the overall flow and shape of the blade. You have to remember this thing is first and far most a chopper style blade modeled after a machete. I think some of the strait lines could be replaced with more curvy ones, but putting a bend upward in the blade, or putting a tip on it that's meant for something more narrow and sword like is not really going to work. The jimping could work if they could be made a little more square shaped, I'm not to worried about the danger of them because they're not meant to be sharp, essentially the top of the teeth wouldn't be much thinner, if even thinner at all than the top of the spine.
  6. Thanks! Yea, I got some criticisms of this design over the years, some perhaps justified, others not, but I think it got honed into something very functional while still being quite stylish. Only time will tell for sure how well it performs, but I'll keep people posted.
  7. So this is what you'd suggest for the tip, hmmm, I actually like some of these
  8. Interesting ideas and insights. Can you explain what jimping is and perhaps show a picture? I don't think I want to get rid of the teeth on this because as I've said this is meant to be a shorter more manageable sister piece to the one I'm already having made. It has to look somewhat similar so it looks like a pair set, this also includes the handle, both are hidden tang. I understand concerns about it being more complicated to make, believe me I know because only 2 out 9 people I approached to make this agreed to make a hidden tang handle, and only one of those two agreed to make it out of the materials I chose. Some cited concerns over strength but the maker I went with had a lot of experience making hidden tang handles on choppers and said they're very strong. others cited things like they just didn't have the time or the patience to make it that way, or they just have a set way of doing things in their shop and that is full tang. I say to each their own, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses in fabrication techniques, but I for one am so happy to be getting my hidden tang design because it makes it more unique to the plethora of full tang choppers and machetes out there. I think I will round out the end and take away those sharp points so there's less weakness and modes for failure in the design. But I'd like to ask, if you were to use a steel as tough as say AEB - L or L6 does it even matter much if there are these weak points? especially if you're using tough steel like that and only hardening up to hrc 58. there has to be a point where strong tough steel at reasonable hardness can over come weaker geometre and weak points like these sharp abrupt edges and angles. Haha, that last request could probably be filled by my design right here, small enough to chop vegetables with only a little extra difficulty than a kitchen knife, but big enough and beefy enough to chop dear bone and meat and with a point you can stab a bear with!
  9. Ok thanks for all the great replies, and you guys certainly didn't pull any punches, I did ask for functionality critiques and that's what ya'll gave me! However I think it was my mistake with not being specific enough. I'm not looking to go to war with this blade or go on several mile long hiking expeditions through the woods, rather I'm mainly looking to chop up firewood and smaller branches around my house and occasionally go camping with this blade where I'll be doing the same and the most I'll be walking is with in a 1/4 mile of the campsite. You've given me good insight into why I don't want to heavy of a blade if I'm walking long distances and some reasons not to heat treat above 58hrc, but if I'm cutting a lot of wood, especially hardwood like hickory and oak would you recommend going up to 60rc? And about that wide flat ridgeline again, do you guys think that would make this a less efficient chopper on wood? Do you think that ridgeline might catch at all? If you guys still think this blade is to thick or that ridgeline to wide, I'll get a new piece of steel, probably .158 inches thick and or make the ridgeline more like on a katana where it's there but it wont be so wide, and just look more normal. Thanks!
  10. That's all good and well for a sword, but I'm not trying to make a sword, I'm trying to make a camp chopper of sorts and to the best of my knowledge most of these choppers are not differentially tempered like a Japanese sword, but they are pretty hard all the way through, many times at, or a little above 60hrc.
  11. Point taken, but if one wanted to heat treat a blade like this to say 62 or 63 hrc don't you think having a bit of a thick ridgeline would help keep it tough and resistant to impact? I don't want to make it needlessly heavy, but at the same time I want it to be plenty strong while also being very hard for excellent edge retention. by the way, the steel I'm having my first one made in was 3/16ths thick, this sister blade I might have made here that's shown in this thread would probably be made from the same 3/16ths stock. I'm not sure if that's what you consider to be "thick" or not.
  12. Thanks Dan! If I ever had this made I would make it so the gaps in the handle aren't so deep. I had realized I made them much to deep after I drew it and figured if they are going to be there they should be very shallow just for a little extra grip but nothing that should be uncomfortable. As for the pommel you talked about I will make it wider in future interactions as well as the threaded part of the tang. I'm actually having a similar design to this being made right now that I already had the handle design fixed on, as well as the threaded part of the tang. The teeth are also on that design but they are a little smaller and the cut out between them doesn't go as deep down into the metal, I also removed the pin in bolster part as well. the main difference with this sister blade here and the one I had commissioned to be made is it's shorter, about a 11.5 inch blade instead of 15.5 inches, and the ridge line is wider and flat ground. The ridgeline on the one I'm actually having made just looks like it would on a katana for the most part, with a little bit of a distal paper. I don't know what the weight balance of this will be, I thought maybe similar to the one I had commissioned to be made since even though it has that wide ridgeline it's also shorter, I don't know. I hope the one I'm having made isn't to off balance. Thanks for the response.
  13. Yes I understand as a chopper it doesn't need such an acute point, but what's the drawback to keeping it that way? Why should I round it off or make it more obtuse, how will that improve it's function as a chopper?
  14. Thanks for all your opinions guys, I really do apparate it even if it's sometimes hard truth. I do want something that's both functional and stylish, I might keep working on this one to improve the functional aspects somewhat while keeping the most important stylish parts I like the most. It doesn't have to be the best chopper in the world mind you, so I'm not going for exact copies of 100% functional pieces with no style, but I will change what needs changing most to make it better. my main concern as I noted was that thick flat ridgeline though, trash it? keep it? what do you think?
  15. That's awesome, have you ever done any damascus katanas?
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