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  1. Alan Longmire

    Tempering, I'm confused....

    The "longer time" thing is as Joel said. It does not, however, mean that if you leave a blade cooking overnight that it will be softer than one cooked for two one-hour cycles. I haven't had enough coffee yet to explain further, hopefully someone else will chime in...
  2. Alan Longmire

    White Balance

    That's what I do with phone pics. Photoshop Elements. It only works if your exposure hasn't totally blown the highlights, though.
  3. Alan Longmire

    I am VERY VERY pleased with this!!

    That will be a game-changer for sure! Be warned, the learning curve is pretty steep on a one-speed grinder. Watch your fingers, in other words.
  4. Alan Longmire

    Knifemaker Interview Series, a biography workshop

    Hi Jeroen, Do your work colleagues know and appreciate your old-tech hobby? I seem to recall your day job is cutting-edge aerospace tech.
  5. Alan Longmire

    1200L Charcoal maker

    Using the dry ice should be fine for cutting with an angle grinder. 10Kg is enough to fill the tank, but remember CO2 is heavier than air and will escape if there is a low opening. I'd tack the wool with screws, but do you really need wool? Just curious, I have not made large quantities of charcoal.
  6. Alan Longmire

    Damascus falchion

    Everything about Peter is astounding.
  7. Alan Longmire

    Refractory suggestions

    Rather than sand, which will flow where you don't want and melt into a nasty mess that sticks to your steel, get a bag of potter's clay. Add a little sand and just enough water that it sticks together, make your fire pot, let dry, and use it. Patch the cracks with more clay. No need for the bricks, now!
  8. Alan Longmire

    A pair of commissions

    I feel sure you can use that ironwood on something else. I have a large pile of offcuts that come in handy for non-handle stuff. Or smaller handle stuff. And that's a nice dovetail/tapered tang!
  9. Alan Longmire

    My version of a Gransfors Mini Hatchet

    Looks good! Nice job keeping the eye straight and even on both sides.
  10. Alan Longmire

    Cracked steel?

    Gotcha. That does look like a pre-existing crack where it is darker. You could test the rest by polishing it a bit, then etching. Cracks will show up as fine dark lines.
  11. Alan Longmire

    Scabbard lining advice

    I meant Elmer's wood glue. It's a little stronger. From what I understand, plain old Titebond is fine, it's the other two formulations that cause rust.
  12. Alan Longmire

    Cracked steel?

    We need a little more info. What steel is it, did it crack because of something you did (hardening, quenching, hitting with a hammer, etc.), or did it break before you got hold of it? I have a machete that broke during use and I wouldn't worry about using the remaining steel because it was a sawtooth-spine Ontario Knife model (they only use 1095) which broke at the root of one of the saw teeth, which is why they tell you not to leave sharp corners on hardened steel. The fact that I was wailing on a six-inch dogwood didn't help, that's some very hard wood.
  13. Alan Longmire

    How to- First Sharpening After Heat Treat

    After spending the day trying to drawfile normalized O-1 with a notable lack of success I am beginning to think Brian might be right. The 1x30 is more of a sharpener than a grinder, but with the right belts (that is the key here) they do move more steel than hand sanding. I am doing the prep work to teach a "knife finishing mostly unplugged" class for my local blacksmith's guild, and have determined that O-1 drill rod is not the steel to use for that. Time to order some W-1 that I know I can get soft enough with primitive equipment. Our shop consists of a coal forge, vise, and hand tools with one 110v outlet (living history farm), so I have to simplify...
  14. Alan Longmire

    Scabbard lining advice

    Yeah, I would use only Elmer's or hide glue for this. Titebonds 2 and 3 are notorious for causing rust, and apparently some spray adhesives do as well. Didn't know that one.
  15. Alan Longmire

    How to- First Sharpening After Heat Treat

    Being the idiot that I am from time to time, it totally failed to occur to me that you could always temper it down a bit in your own oven. What steel is it?