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  1. Alan Longmire

    grease removal

    Vinegar doesn't touch grease. I just throw greasy cable in the forge as-is and let the grease act as a carbon source. That said, kerosene or diesel works fine if you want it cleaner.
  2. Alan Longmire

    A 40 Year Old Return

    Welcome back, Dan!
  3. Alan Longmire

    Real old wrought

    Hmmm... no telling so far. That patina looks like it may be from having been in a fire. If so, or even if it's just a magnetite shell, the middle may have rusted away. That would explain the light weight.
  4. Alan Longmire

    Real old wrought

    On the wrought bar, electrolysis will tend to make it go away. It's great for aboveground dry-land rust, but things that have been in water or buried accumulate deeper rust along the slag strings and electrolysis causes them to fall apart. If that's from above the tidal zone it's freshwater rust, which is no big deal. Forging it will fix it. Dunno what the other thingy is, how big is it? Edited to add: the electrolysis warning applies only to wrought iron and shear steel.
  5. Alan Longmire

    Hand finishing hardened L6

    It's spelled "finitiob." Did you plate quench? I didn't know L-6 would fully harden in plain air. My thumbs and I are cringing in sympathy.
  6. Alan Longmire

    Three Bones

    Just so you know, if you didn't, that is, that word was ripped off from Tolkein, who stole it from Anglo-Saxon, but he didn't change the spelling. "Dwimor" means dark magic (and also haunted) in both Tolkein's Rohanese and Mercian Anglo-Saxon. Yeah, I'm that big a nerd...
  7. Alan Longmire

    New shop started- floor poured

    Tell me about it! Look, there's even TWO pathways!
  8. Alan Longmire

    Recommendations for tabletop belt sander

    Yes, just JB weld a hardened platen on.
  9. Alan Longmire

    Mini Power Hammer Concept

    Glad you didn't forget the springs. Cams and the lack of springs are why punch presses do not make power hammers. Something has to give.
  10. Alan Longmire

    Blackening Stainless Steel

    This. Get a layer of tight scale on it and oil it. It'll be as close to black as it can get. Not shiny, unfortunately, but blackish.
  11. Alan Longmire

    Drow Short Sword

    Very much bad-ass barrow-wight indeed! Well done!
  12. Alan Longmire

    San Mai Camp Chopper

    Whoa! It's almost as though the texture of the ivory carries over into the blade! Nice work!
  13. Alan Longmire

    New forge

    Plus the soft ones are not the least bit flux-resistant.
  14. Alan Longmire

    Collab: Integral French XXL Chef knife

    Pretty darned sweet there, Gabe! Glad it didn't come home with you as well.
  15. Alan Longmire

    Smelting Blower Specs

    Good to know!