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  1. Thank you Gerald. I shall pin this.
  2. There is still some good info here. I'll just un-pin it and let it drift away. If anyone else wants to take up the tongmaking tutorial path, I'll pin that, provided it's good.
  3. They are just big gravers, used in the tool and die world before EDM came along to cut the impressions in the die steel. Picture a hand graver with no handle, but about six to eight inches long and 1/4 to 3/8 inch diameter.
  4. I have heard of them, but have never seen nor used one.
  5. You can, but they're really too shallow. For a coal forge you want at least four inches of coal under the steel and a couple inches on top. For charcoal you want around six inches of charcoal under the steel. This depth is to give you a fire that is reducing, that is, to make sure as much free oxygen as possible has been used before it hits the hot steel and causes problems.
  6. That's almost too handsome and manly-pretty to use! Nicely done.
  7. Sam, I don't think that's what Jerrod meant at all, and he has in fact been very free with his knowledge. I suppose I should un-pin this thread since it is no longer serving a good purpose.
  8. Indeed it does!
  9. Welcome aboard! How big a piece of steel do you want to heat? I ask because I think you're going to need an air duct at least as big as the hair dryer outlet to get enough blast to heat more than a pencil-sized rod. As for the materials, well, I suspect that pan is too shallow and flimsy for anything big. The suggestion above is a good one.
  10. Indeed! I think I'll go make a set of die-sinker's chisels...
  11. Are you trying this in open air or in the forge?
  12. You might be able to find that size in flat bar. If not, use the 1" square. The 3/4" won't have enough volume unless you upset one end. That's straightforward enough, but most people don't like upsetting because it can be difficult to keep it straight.
  13. Well, yeah, how big does your drift need to be? That determines the stock size you have to use.
  14. If you have mild use it, but if you must use the steering arm, keep it hot and take a break when you need to. It will feel like it's not moving at all for the first few heats! Expect a good solid day of forging to break that down.
  15. Even better!