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  1. Looks like you've got a copy of or have seen the diagrams from Tylecote and Gilmour 1986...
  2. Looking good so far! That lenticular grind is harder than you'd think. Take your time at it. And drawfile. That will help keep it even, and is slow enough that you can correct any mistakes that appear before it's too late.
  3. Classy! That came out well.
  4. This is the one you folded up on the end of the bar? Looks good!
  5. You're missing the point, it is not and never was about deaths. The point was and remains trying to keep people healthy enough so as not to overwhelm whatever health care system they have. A friend of mine is a doctor in New York City. They are at the very edge of their ability to deal with patients. Not just CV patients, but ALL patients. Admittedly, there are going to be some who really don't belong in the hospital, but there are some who do. So, what is happening there and what will soon happen in New Orleans, all because people won't do what they're supposed to do to limit the spread of what is admittedly just an annoying virus for most people, is why we have these distancing orders. I am closing this thread, as it's off-topic and dangerously close to getting political. I let it go as long as I did because we do need a place to vent, but it's become apparent that this forum is not the place. Peace, gentlemen and ladies, and let's keep it on bladesmithing and related arts and crafts. Thanks.
  6. Indeed! Looks almost like homemade iron. I have a wagon tire like that, to make a decent hawk I have to refine it (cut, stack, and weld three times, drawing down to original size each time) to get it to hold.
  7. I plan on putting it in the Pinned Fit and Finish section when it's done.
  8. Welcome aboard, Jakob! You may want to start a new thread about this, most of the people who have posted on this one are not reading anymore.
  9. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/italian-military-surplus-ee-8-field-phone-used?a=2184809 You'd need two of these, four D-cell batteries, and a roll of telephone wire. They have several other nationalities of field telephone, this was just the cheapest. And it's basically the U.S. Korean War issue version, but with Italian labels.
  10. I always recommend John's videos. He does things a bit differently, but does it very well indeed.
  11. Submitted for rumor control: Watch and take note.
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