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  1. 2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    That's what happens when I use an online conversion tool to translate Kw to HP... Is there a direct correlation, other than both being units of power? I was thinking 1.5Kw output, but I can certainly see if that's the input power required instead the output is necessarily lower by quite a bit.
  2. A Couple of Damascus Hunters

    I'm diggin' that raindrop pattern. Kinda psychedelic!
  3. 2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    1.5 Kw is a hair over 2 Hp, so it will work fine for many of us. That's twice the power of my grinder, but then I can stop mine if I lean on it hard enough. More power is always better, provided you have the wiring for it.
  4. Finally, a Knife For Me

    Clean indeed! What's tge design on the front of the bolster, and did you do that? Nice fitting work.
  5. The wolf seax

    Ooh damn, I want that long one! It pushes the right buttons for some reason...
  6. Suggested list of belts for new knife makers?

    Which thread did you want pinned? JJ's that's already pinned in Fit and Finish? You've confused my poor little brain, I've been setting stones all day and I can no longer brain, I has the dumb.
  7. Is this cast iron

    It does have the look of cast iron, but it may be cast steel. Ask if it rings like a bell or goes thunk.
  8. Shear Steel Files?

    Anything is possible, especially in Sheffield in the transition era, 1850-1950. Cool stuff!
  9. Suggested list of belts for new knife makers?

    Micron grits run opposite to the way we number mesh grit. A45 is about 220 grit. The larger the A number, the larger the grit. A300 is around 100 grit.
  10. O1/K460

    Okay, I found it is ).95% C, 0.25% Si, 1.1% Mn, 0.55% Cr, 0.1% V, and (as I thought) 0.55% W. Roughly an O-1 equivalent, but with less carbon, added silicon, and more tungsten. The Si adds a surprising amount of toughness as well. So, you didn't do anything to it to cause the spark pattern, that's just what it's going to do.
  11. O1/K460

    I don't know the specs on K460, but that type of spark is often seen with high-alloy steels that contain a lot of tungsten and molybdenum. M2 high speed steel, for instance, sparks like that. I'll see what I can find on K460. It's Bohler, right?
  12. What did you do in your shop today?

    The iron has to start on top of the full hearth and make its way down. And you gotta have a plume of fire and sparks! That's part of the fun, and it shows you've got enough blast.
  13. Check this anvil out!!!

    Personally, I don't think it's an anvil. It looks like it's cast iron. While there are some odd-looking specialty anvils out there, this looks more like maybe a train part or something to me.
  14. Desire

    It's good to see you back at it, Raymond! I've always liked your style.
  15. You mean there are people who don't think that way?