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  1. Alan Longmire

    Phenolic / Micarta Safety Equipment

    That should be fine for genuine micarta. The fine dust is a respiratory irritant, but that's about it. The P100 filter is all you really need. It's a bit different with homemade stuff that isn't really phenolic based. That might make you want a cartridge rated for organic vapors.
  2. Alan Longmire

    Wootz Khanda help!

    This may be of assistance: Sure looks like koftgari to me. Look at the chisel cuts and burnishing marks!
  3. Alan Longmire

    Wootz Khanda help!

    Rust just means insufficient neutralization of the etch. I have never worked with Wootz, hopefully someone who has will chime in, but the way I etch pattern-welded steel is to degrease thoroughly, then soak in dilute ferric chloride for ten minutes, remove, wipe off the oxides with a paper towel, and, if I like the contrast, neutralize with ammonia. If I'm not happy it goes back in. There are ways of increasing contrast of an etch for two-alloy blades, but I'm not sure they would work on wootz. It may be that after the etch you need to gently go over the blade with your 3000 grit paper on a hard backing to brighten up the high spots while leaving the low spots dark.
  4. Alan Longmire

    Time to say good bye to the Break Drum Forge

    I suspect there aren't many coal-burning smiths in the northwest anymore. Here in the southeast it's expected of you to burn coal. I've been looking up info on guilds local to upstate South Carolina, and while I know SC has a guild with local chapters they apparently are not online. Might be on FaceBook, but I don't do that so I can't tell. There are two North Carolina chapters not far (as in an hour to an hour and a half) from Clemson, one in Flat Rock and one in Brasstown. https://www.ibiblio.org/nc-abana/regional_groups.html Since that's also close to northern Georgia, you may want to check around there as well. There is an annual bladesmith's hammerin at Trackrock state park (near Blairsville) sponsored by the Georgia Knifemakers' Guild http://www.georgiaknifemakersguild.com/ . Flat Rock Community College used to offer blacksmithing classes, and Haywood Community college offers bladesmithing classes. The Brasstown mentioned above is John C. Campbell Folk School, a coal-only environment. Of course, they have it trucked in. I get mine from Grace Fuels in Asheville.
  5. Alan Longmire

    Broken Back Seax

    Nice one!
  6. Alan Longmire

    Time to say good bye to the Break Drum Forge

    Contact your local blacksmiths guild. They will have a source.
  7. Alan Longmire

    Time to say good bye to the Break Drum Forge

    I would love to have a good supply of coke in a 1" dice... smokeless and hotter than any other solid fuel.
  8. Alan Longmire

    Not Exactly a Knife...

    Nice work!
  9. Alan Longmire

    Wootz Khanda help!

    That's quite a piece!
  10. Alan Longmire

    Wootz Khanda help!

    Fair enough! Ammonia works a little better than bicarb on ferric chloride, for future reference. So this is a new piece, with the blade made from an antique Mughul ingot? Did you do the mounts, or at least the koftgiri? If so, respect! I'd have gone blind after about a week of that.
  11. Alan Longmire

    Wootz Khanda help!

    That's a lot of koftgari! What did you use to etch it? I'm not up on traditional wootz etchants at all. As for rust prevention, oils are fine. I use car wax, but there are several new products out there that work better. Stuff called something like Bullfrog or similar. Vaseline works, especially for long-term storage, but it's messy.
  12. Alan Longmire

    Wootz Khanda help!

    Nice! Happy to have kept the abrasives from this piece. And yes, some polishes like Flitz, Simichrome, etc. have a chemical action that removes oxides, which means they can mute an etch in short order. Are the bindings steel and niello? That is a very interesting object, by the way. For those not sure what we're dealing with here, this link explains: http://www.sikhmuseum.com/nishan/weapons/khanda.html
  13. Alan Longmire

    Time to say good bye to the Break Drum Forge

    I pay $15 for a roughly 50-lb bag (more like 65-lb). It's far cheaper in bulk, but I have no storage for bulk and I only used about ten bags a year on average at the height of my axe commission days, and that was the year I made 23 tomahawks. Last year I think I used four bags to make three hawks, three knives (one of which was pattern-welded), a hat-and-coat rack, a bunch of hooks, and a few other forgings.
  14. Alan Longmire

    Simple Integral - First Hamon

    Looks good to me! Your Roman lettering is far better than mine.
  15. Alan Longmire

    My Lineup of Mosaics for The Arkansas Show

    Dang! I had forgotten about a few of those!