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  1. Alan Longmire

    Bee Friction Folder

  2. Alan Longmire

    Puukko-ish WIP

    That will work. Use distilled water, tap water has stuff in it that can mess with the etch. I usually do mine at 3:1, but 4:1 is fine. You'll get a better etch.
  3. Alan Longmire

    Wrought Iron / Bog iron - normal?

    Wrought needs to be HOT. Like sparkly white. Then it'll stick like butter. Yellow, even high yellow, is iffy. Note that's only for welding it to itself. When adding steel, it'll weld to the steel at normal welding temperatures.
  4. Alan Longmire

    Knife Rights donation

    Extremely cool!
  5. Alan Longmire

    This almost killed me

    Crosspein or a fuller under the power hammer. That can be just a bit of 3/4" round mild if you want.
  6. Alan Longmire

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Dilute the ferric, and don't use steel wool. That will remove all the oxides evenly, which is the last thing you want. Use very fine sandpaper on a hard backing. That will hit only the high spots.
  7. Alan Longmire

    Puukko-ish WIP

    It doesn't need dilution to etch copper, true. I think you will find it helps to dilute it for use on steel. Remember people who comment on Amazon are the same subhuman idiots who comment on Youtube.
  8. Alan Longmire

    Bronze Style Short Sword

    Nicely done!
  9. Alan Longmire

    Meteorite Damascus

    I agree about the oval guard. Better flow.
  10. Alan Longmire

    Finished my forge

    From first lighting that is pretty good.
  11. Alan Longmire

    Wrought Iron / Bog iron - normal?

    A reducing atmosphere is low oxygen. This keeps scale from forming in the fire and, if low enough in oxygen, actually converts rust back to iron. In solid fuel forges this takes a deep fire with the work kept.far from the blast. In a gas forge it can be trickier to adjust. And by cutting I just meant drawing out, cutting off, and rewelding, don't try to open the cracks.
  12. Alan Longmire

    Forged and Hot Fitted Knife Bolsters and Guards

    Well done! I just got the news that you and Stephen Fowler were demoing at the CBA conference, a full week after it happened.
  13. Alan Longmire

    Wrought Iron / Bog iron - normal?

    Eric is right. That is poorly refined wrought iron, and the way to fix it is to cut, fold, and weld several times, essentially refining it into better iron. You will need the hottest reducing atmosphere fire you can get and a lot of flux. This is where solid fuel outshines gas by a long shot, but it is still possible in gas if your forge is hot enough. My first real blacksmithing project in my first class I ever took in 1998 involved using some nasty old poorly refined iron bar (lintel bar from a fireplace in an old (ca. 1850) log cabin with family connections) to make a set of fireplace tools. One of the two instructors told me not to even try it, and the other told me how to fix it. When I was successful, he said "Now you can forge anything."
  14. Alan Longmire

    Off to Texas

  15. Alan Longmire

    First Mosaic

    Pretty amazing!