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  1. depending on the theme i might give it a go .....so Christmas kith do we make it in secret till the other person receives it and they post it?
  2. um so am i the only one using a bandsaw and belt grinder on my leather sheaths?
  3. i remember this being a problem for others with wrought iron and very high carbon or deep hardening steels combined switch to a lower say 1085 or so i think fixes it
  4. just get a door bell transformer and a bridge rectifier diode the below trans might be to hot for small etching but if your doing big areas should be fine https://www.amazon.com/Newhouse-Hardware-30TR-Transformer-Compatible/dp/B07HKQ4GC3/ref=sr_1_10?crid=1KBF4A4VD7C7W&keywords=doorbell+transformer&qid=1567433582&s=gateway&sprefix=doorbell%2Caps%2C382&sr=8-10 https://www.amazon.com/Pieces-Chanzon-KBPC5010-Rectifier-Electronic/dp/B079KDL8Y5/ref=sr_1_3?crid=239OGV4ZEEIW0&keywords=bridge+rectifier&qid=1567433622&s=gateway&sprefix=bridge+rec%2Caps%2C235&sr=8-3 or if you want something plug and play https://www.amazon.com/100V-240V-Switching-Transformer-Converter-Universal/dp/B07DFNF49F/ref=sr_1_25?keywords=dc+transformer&qid=1567433747&s=gateway&sr=8-25
  5. a tail guard or the blade shaped to be a tail would tie it together nicely
  6. air doesn't matter with two part resins other to let the smell out
  7. if you Facebook turn tex has a group on there and yes they use cactus juice to make micarta and some info direct on the site he sells it from https://www.turntex.com curtis is also real good about answering emails
  8. https://www.zowadaknives.com/gas-forge-system-
  9. orrr this one https://www.mandarinmansion.com/item/combination-katar-dual-percussion-pistols
  10. very carefully ......i use a disk sander to make sure my handle material and any brass or thick spacers are flat you can also use sandpaper on a granite plate or any flat surface (no plywood doesn't count) and hand sand till flat i recommend a tacky temp adhesive on the sheet goods to avoid rolling at the edges from the sanding motion and final passes should be single direction prolly short strokes thats not as important on a block that will end up with the corners knocked off but critical on a mostly or fully shaped guard or bolster that wont be trimmed up
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