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  1. mines made from a disposable helium tank same size as a Freon tank is ok size for forge welding by hand small when using a press or power hammer next ones going to be a 30 lb propane tank so i can use the press and hammer to full advantage
  2. some of the ar-15 do it your self kits use routers with a guide/pattern so go slow and please no molding bits
  3. a defensive knife doesn't exist you cant block with a knife or even a sword 100% you are literally attacking or attacking back hoping to do more damage than the guy who came at you first which leaves two ppl bloody and bleeding so eather way you slice it (see what i did there) what ever you call it defensive or fighting its intended to cut, but no one was ever killed with a kitchen knife so your good on the bright side you now have access to 4 springs and a timing chain
  4. charge more for fighting knives i find theirs a price point to knives actually used to "fight" and ones labeled as such and looked on fondly
  5. There is a delta Milwaukee tool maker surface grinder that i guess could be on a bench they come with legs and i made a base for mine so it was up higher managed to snag one for less than the belt grinder attachment but man its a lot of cranking also heavy as all get out so add some legs to your bench
  6. pulley change, finer grits or practice on pine till you can do what you want to do at the speed your running now
  7. tig is the last way i would go i would use stick all the way you can even get hard facing rod and skip the heat treat
  8. yep cling film im also using it on parachute cord not the good ito but it works for me ymmv
  9. turntex.com is the place for do it your self home stabilizing info and tools curtis also has a face book group and is supper active on there and has worked with the manufacturer of his cactus juice to perfect the formula and has been working on dyes to get the most out of coloring he also sells casting resins if you get into this your gona need both a pressure pot and a vacuum chamber and a bench to work at and then more wood to play with then a second mortgage ect ect ......sorry i may have a bit of fun doing the stabilizing and casting
  10. i use g flex for my cord wraps and what i do is spread the epoxy on the wrap and then i use saran wrap wrapped around the handle and i squeeze and work the glue in to the handle then peal it off and repeat as needed it lets me get epoxy in to the cord but pulls excess off the surface so it doesn't look like plastic but it does have to be cut off to remove ....my 2 cents
  11. might wana build a tire hammer once you have the lifting figured out its a reasonable expense and will open up the world of forging better than the fly press not that the press wont be helpful just saying the hammer will replace you arm much better than the press
  12. materials and time to build a blade specific one would end up being the same or less and youl end up with a more efficient kiln out of it hell after making mine i ended up cutting a slot in the door so i don't even have to open it to put a blade in or take it out i dont do "batches" so this works well for me think it took me an hour or so to treat 5 blades with normalizing several of them
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