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  1. The magnet might and or probably will efect the weld puddle at least it has when i have welded near a holding magnet
  2. put the finishing tutches on this bad boy before sharpening it up
  3. i bought one of these back in the day just for thumb bobs and stand offs now i use it to trim reloading brass https://taigtools.com/product/micro-lathe-ii-l1017/ then i got my hands on a 9x20 harborfreight used and ran that for a wile now i have 5 lathes............i might have a problem send help
  4. i sheared the bolts in mine before i finished what i started just using the stock bottle i then added better bolts and ripped the frame apart again.......the bang did wake me up tho after that i rebuilt it and built a proper forging press and left it for pressing car parts
  5. nothing wrong with a used motor just did a 2hp 3phase with vfd for less than $225 with used vfd had to drive an hour for the motor tho
  6. vice grip with the teeth polished off might save your fingers and not be to jiggy
  7. i would stay away from cheep rubber wheels last thing you need is the formula being off and it separating at speed also i had my last belt grinder for 12 years its still a fine grinder but my style of grinding has changed and i wanted to go to a 72 belt so really whats the cost of a good wheel over that kind of time frame and whats the resale on it if you get out of it later?
  8. i have a ames type been pretty happy with it but yes if the penitrator brakes ill toss it and buy a wilson bench top cheeper in the long run
  9. kmg im 90% happy with the purchase but im cheep and picky
  10. i use gflex and use plastic wrap to kinda push/squish the epoxy in to the cord and also remove exes from the surface only place it looks plasticy is in the crevises were it collects
  11. I wouldnt hesitate if the frame is good the rest is bonus
  12. only one i know is if your making a locking knife you need your pivot stop and lock to form a triangle even with a book or two on making folders i still sit up nights trying to get the best placement
  13. im wondering if this is the guy i was calling out on fb for profiting on mcdonalds work
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