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  1. little hint i got the lowest green flip ups i could find and cut the lenses about halfway across and made blade smith bifocals you can tilt them up to cover more or less and you still have the clear lower half or more to do your hammering and after years of forge welding and then having to wait till the next time in the shop to do detail forging i can say that the greens let me do it all in one and yes skipping the green for years has affected my night vision or my wife just sees like the dam predator
  2. i recently switched from a 5 gallon plastic bucket to a 20 ish cup coffee pot so i can pre heat my oil by flipping a switch i just Carrie them carefully to avoid spillage
  3. Got word its 73 years old and was bought by someone about 30 minutes from my house
  4. Its several years off but beggers cant be choosy its only a 50lb that needs some sprucing up but im not complaining the price wasnt bad and just for fun its never been converted for off shaft use sent an email in to see if little giant has anything to tell me about its back story now to dig a footing and do some cleaning
  5. Or call sal at 989-388-7435 with questions he can send photos as well
  6. Ok hes ok with spliting it up pm me your phone number if interested and i can blow up your phone with photos
  7. the zip its at is 49656 and im trying to talk him out of it but hes trying to sell as a package 8500 for all the smithing stuff
  8. Any one in mid michigan looking for an anvil or lg 25lb power hamer i can get you in touch with a guy selling dont know his pricing
  9. shes got better arms than i do
  10. are they fullerd on one side only?
  11. depending on the theme i might give it a go .....so Christmas kith do we make it in secret till the other person receives it and they post it?
  12. um so am i the only one using a bandsaw and belt grinder on my leather sheaths?
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