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  1. dragoncutlery

    Knifemaker Interview Series, a biography workshop

    that accent tho :p
  2. dragoncutlery

    Hardest Steel I've Ever Worked

    hey jack stay away from the shear high carbon steel has no place there
  3. dragoncutlery

    My hydraulic press plans

    on a small press use small dies and it will still be better than hand hammering real good at setting welds and transitions
  4. dragoncutlery

    Ryobi 9 inch bench top bandsaw

    biggest thing with bandsaws is blades and knowing the size of blade so you can order them i have a shopsmith and i almost have to have them made if i want more than what shop smith sells which if i recall is like 4 or 5 options
  5. dragoncutlery

    Gas delivery problem I can't figure out, help please

    could be when the tank was changed they knocked some rust loose maybe use some compresed air and back blow a few things or take a few things apart and shake them might be barking up a tree but look it over with that in mind
  6. dragoncutlery

    Antler Dyeing?

    ive been happy with leather dye
  7. dragoncutlery

    My hydraulic press plans

    i blew out the bolts using the stock jack in a harbor freight press to move metal i put in stronger bolts tried again and ripped the beams apart i built a real press after that at the very least if your not a welder you can prolly find a weld shop that can make something to hold up to the jack your going to use
  8. dragoncutlery

    2x72” belt grinder - good or bad

    the only high wear parts on a grinder are the platens and the bearings nothing else will move enough to were out before you get your moneys worth out of it if you see something you like get it or dont
  9. dragoncutlery

    Mushroom Knife Hardness (65Mn)

    i was able to drill old band saw blade at 50rc with just cobalt bits made a quick machete and its doing good
  10. dragoncutlery

    Wiring a kiln

    auburn instruments has a plethra of pids
  11. dragoncutlery

    Blade Holder ( Knife Maker’s Vise )

    skip the lathe and just use a belt grinder to shape your wood jaws
  12. dragoncutlery

    F. J. Richtig

    snorri you have some reading to do
  13. dragoncutlery

    Shear Steel; The Experiment Begins

    double sheard diamond steel has a nice ring to it
  14. dragoncutlery

    Usable metal from auto junkyards and wire rope companies

    some foreign coils wont harden ether not sure the make i tosed all my coils after that not worth cutting them up just to have a blade not harden
  15. dragoncutlery

    HELP!! Somthing is wrong with my forge :(

    ive had small tanks not hiss when cracked open unless hooked up some kind of saftie in the newer valves