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  1. Well if your going to use it as part of the billet go for it i am going to say that ball bearings if 52100 are a bit of a pain as far as every can i have welded up with bearings has had flaws at the corners and im using a press for my welding so might be worse or better by hand
  2. If theres anyone in central michigan thats interested in a bag of kast o lite 26 i got one bag more than i needed and i dont have any other projects to use it on $93 pick up available in lansing or laingsburg
  3. im in the second half of making a larger one to replace the one i have been using for prolly as long as j its still chugging along but the doors too small new one fixes that saw one in a youtube video this last week and was surprised most every one there has a tube type with dual bricks for the door
  4. my wife opened a yarn store in a small town local to us a year or so ago maybe yarn girls are attracted to black boogers beer bellys and grinder dust
  5. Making progress cut the ends off a few canisters today Square is ballbearings 2-3 sizes and powder round one is carpet tacks and powder and small ballbearings in powder in a checkerboard layout gona slice it up and make necklace charms from it to recoup some expenses from all this learing im doing
  6. well first see if coal is available in your area if you cant get it or you don't want to make your own charcoal youl be better off with propane
  7. Falling down the mosaic rabbit hole currently doing major r $ d to get the process workable made my self some forgewelding bifocals because my ass cant help but look in at the glow number 3 green top with yellow low ir full lens so i can see to hammer if needed lenses cut to fit inside of eachother with the 3 at the side sheilds so i dont get a bunch of side glow ........also low on moto tool cut off wheels
  8. pretty sure ive seen it as micarta havent tried it my self
  9. She was breathing fire when i finished welding buuuuut not enough if it had puffed out any more it might not have fit out the forge door I am pretty sure i can get something useful out of it so its still a win
  10. Trying my hand at canister welding ........for got the air hole luckly i think i can scavange enough for some san mi the next one will be better also smaller nuts
  11. Yes cactus juice will penitrate bone even some/most rocks basically anything that can hold/absorb water can be stabilised with cactus juice but do you self a favor and dont try skiping steps or think you have a better idea every step thats recommended on curtis's page is from years of practice testing and the experiences of his customer base
  12. Tried my hand at a viking era cooking thingy aparently something similar was still around in more colonial times but solid not spiral ........also made me re think setting up my shop specifically for knives seemed like everything was in the way at one point or another might be the 5ft starting length or my walls are just to close together
  13. I have a friend in central michigan looking to maybe sell his Champion Blower and Forge co. Champion 20 inch drill Any intrest or anyone know what they usually sell for?
  14. Got further in to troubleshooting the big hammer it was binding when rotated ends up front pin to lift lower the head was binding took apart and there was a bit of rust and oil pack looked further and ill be needing to make two pivot/toggle bushings though they were worn ends up there missing i might try hdpe rather than bronze as it doesnt move a bunch.....last photo is one of the two it has out of four that it should have
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