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  1. Yeah im gona need one of those and a bunch of die sets
  2. Got the temp dust box mounted for the speed control
  3. youtube is just editing, camera work and interesting content if you don't have the last one and at least one of the others there's no point you tubing if you know some one who likes to edit video you could make interesting content just by setting a camera in front of the anvil and make a hook and a poker some one will enjoy watching it and some one might learn a few things
  4. after 20 ish years im finally going to set up the grinder to run a speed control
  5. Yes the pid will be your control you just need a on off switch and if you get one with a timer or other function a switch to activate/reset the function like i have a timer pid from auber on mine that i can set to run for temp and time so when im tempering i have it run at 375 for 160 minutes then it shuts off the eliments and lets it cool and when i get up in thr morning i flip the reset and when its done i have two tempering cycles done and didnt have to watch it i can then check the temper and adjust as needed for the final if i had a ramp pid i could program it to do two or more cycles as
  6. As long as the eliments are in usable shape setting up a pid on that is pretty easy i have one set up to a toaster oven for drying wood hardest part was deciding were to put the thermocouple wich it looks like you will need a new one of as long as your in there i recomend auber instruments for a pid tried the cheeper ebay/amazon option and still cant get it to read temp correctly no issue with the 3-4 i have from auber
  7. your urban legend has research to back it up making it not an urban legend per say but that being said it might be over stated in its importance for say 75% of the blades made the only time i have witnessed a stress riser break in a knife was on a commercial knife being battened in wood with a very square tang to blade transition behind the guard and on examining the tang was found to have some of the worst grain growth i have seen from something that wasn't purposefully over heated to grow the grain
  8. had to look it up the hells forge or whatever it is definitely on my list of forges to avoid materials for a better forge will run you about the same and you will likly have it for longer if supporting a vet tickles your heart strings offer a vet a ride to the va for an apointment or two
  9. for that application its fine it doesn't need to be that deep by any means but with the ratio's hes dealing with it wont be an issue
  10. basic wood block/scales were under $6 each from the suppliers back in the day before i started buying in bulk and cutting to size ( unless you have unlimited shop space buy your woods i have shelves and shelves devoted to my wood collection ) easiest to do when starting out use colorful woods ie ebony amazon bloodwood purple heart ( purple heart is cheep and can be heated to turn anything from purple to black and in between) ect they don't cost much and work with an oil finish nicely and look fancy and no dry time for stains, find a wood shop in town online or even a big box store you need woo
  11. If you can figure a meshurment from the spring mcmaster carr prolly has something close as for the binding i would shoot an email to curtis at turn tex with the make a model he might have a tip for assembly
  12. Another tip if you dont need a full stabilise say more of for color or what have you a good soak can get enough juice in to help with the way the wood finishes and get the color all the way to the core some woods are faster than others at uptake so proceed with caution but no pump doesnt exactly mean the woods a wash
  13. If its a vain type there pretty hard to kill if you have any issues taking it apart or puting it back together curtis at turn tex can probably walk you threw it also 48 hours might be enough to dry some woods but i have what i thought would be a quick dry maple and im on day 3 in the oven i run it for 8 hours then weight it on a scale wright down the weight on the wood and back in again and basicaly check it when i get up when i get home for work ect untill the weight stops chainging then cool in a plastic baggie so it doesnt pick up moisture from the air wich it will to some extent even in th
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