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  1. centrifical caster available in mi see link https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1322225708108409/ I would snatch it up but i suck at carving
  2. you imagining digging it up in a few hundred years and explaining the handle?
  3. you could heat the oil to its flash point and expect a reasonable amount of hardness once it cools to room temp (mar quenching i believe its called) did you harden the tang if you did you could test drill (hss bit) a spot it will get threw any thickness of decarb and stop if you hit the as quenched hardness on eather of the steels mentioned i dont know if you have experienced it before but some patterns/combos of steel dont look as defined after etch if not fully hardened so a differential quench can be an aquerd ascetic
  4. ok i give whats the patern on the botum one ? and posibly how to acheve it
  5. This is the one i try and check daily and send ppl to when i run in to humans with similar intrests and all this talk has me hoping don is doing well
  6. i found on my hammer with the drawing dies i can get an acceptable bevel hammered in by just using the edge radius of the die
  7. i have used mine for years and been happy with it. most of the dealers around here have new kids at the desk every time i walk in i wouldn't trust them to sell me the right hose with out double checking it before i walk out the door only place i know with pumps on the shelf are tsc and grainger supply next best would be the cat dealer/repair but if you dont have a catalog no well might as well get it on ebay
  8. when i was getting parts together it was my understanding a single stage pump would require a larger motor than the two stage with money being tight at the time/always i opted for the one i had a motor for and i found i do a lot of work with the press before the second stage even kicks in
  9. "now I get the 2 stage for log splitters need to go all the way back" .......what? a two stage log spliter pump just pumps it doesn't go anywhere now the valve used on log spliters can come with an auto return but theirs no reason to use that valve on a forging press any cylinder from surplus center is as good as the next mine was a take off meaning it might have been run at the factory but was then removed before it saw service
  10. Yeah you win certificate or authenticity of the year comes with a certificate but is on a plain napkin writen in sharpy
  11. A press then no noise you cant hide with a radio
  12. i haven't tried it but pulling vacuum might get the bubbles out of the resin and minimize the sinking
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