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  1. to be fair the paragon controller might be easier to use but once you get the hang of the auburn its not to bad i just sharpy the pertanant info some were and go
  2. if i recall i can get a controller and the bits a pieces to control a kiln for less than $130 and if i shop on some of the parts less than that
  3. moved my new panel saw to the end of the building im going to be keeping it in and covered my insulation so the dam birds will stop stealing it for there nests dont mind the small amount of handle material siting in the foreground
  4. been happy with my auber purchases running two kilns and a drying oven off there stuff
  5. a 50 hp motor costs more per minute to run than a 7 hp motor by a few magnitudes assuming you have 3 phase to run it not sure you can run a tru 50 on single phase if your pump fails its most likly going to cost more to replace than one that can be run by a 7hp
  6. Jesus wax on wax off maybe you can play with the internal settings (peramiters) sounds like it might be to fast or to slow seeing as it works with a heat sink but not open air only think i had to do with theones from the link was set a peramiter to go over 999f
  7. Solid state relays are your frends when working with pids more than happy to take photos of any of my pid setups if you wana compare wiring
  8. im using one of those floor drying fans very concentrated air flow lots of air something like that might help but your pump could be on its way out here is the link to were i get my kiln controllers you can rig up a toaster oven or a electric smoker with one and a thremocouple and dry your wood or update your burn out oven also good for tempering they make one with a timer so it can shut off after whatever time you set it for http://www.auberins.com/
  9. Curtis pretty much wrote the book on home stabilising if you want the best results read and re read the info on his site and that he sends with the product if you deviate from the info know that your results will vary
  10. Watch an hvac guy vac a system they dont get to vac and shut a valve they run the oump till there done
  11. Cj doesnt off gas all your pulling is air or water vapor from the wood If you stop vacume yes it starts to allow cj in but when u start again yes not quite at the beginning but what might have only took 3days is now 3 and a half days
  12. one try running a fan at your pump wile its working you also might try changing the oil two the temp to dry wood at is 220f use a digital readout kiln it if you can until it stops losing weight so get a good digital scale i have a small block that has been different weights every 8 hours for the last 5 times i have checked it (right the current weight on it when ever you check) also store in a zip lock wile it cools or for longer storage it will get moisture from the air and un do all the baking and curtis always says leave it under vacuum till it stops bubbling if you shut it off you are basically starting from scratch you can email curtis direct from his website and he will be more than happy to answer any questions you have he has even been known to talk ppl threw pump rebuilds he also has a group on facebook that he is active in
  13. i use a compass to mark the grove and spacing 1/16 drill bit to make the holes go back with a v grover made from small diameter garage door spring then its waxed thread of choice and twin needles followed by some edge trim with the belt grinder or bandsaw if i left a lot on and then to the home made edger/beveler as i broke my moms old one and tandy doesn't make the same quality they used to just some round stock tweaked and hear treated to do the job then you can slick the edge or not to preference
  14. if you want to home stabilize wood and do a good job get cactus juice if you wana screw around you can try just about anything but if its not vacuum impregnated and heat polymerizing its not stabilizing like we have come to know its just a treatment
  15. He has a bader and a wilton square wheel just waiting to see what he has to go with them
  16. https://www.zoro.com/dayton-belt-grinder-34hp-120240v-735a-2x48-2ryn7/i/G2178741/?q=2RYN7 try zoro for all your grainger needs its owned by grainger better shipping and most of the time cheaper?????
  17. i have done a few brut finishes in the day and have liked some of the stuff thats out there what gets my goat (and i love my goats) is stock guys who ding up there blades and call it a finish, cross peen marks on the flats is not an astetic you hammer dropping noob .........sorry
  18. the magnetic catches are going to be over ridden with steel dust in short order
  19. you can also do a guard and wrap up under it as you go the attached is what i call confetti micarta its strips of cotton based fabric and was wrapped epoxy wet (so similar ) on to the tang with the pin added later for looks i bagged it up and wood block clamped it to reduce air bubbles and then worked it as normal
  20. little hint i got the lowest green flip ups i could find and cut the lenses about halfway across and made blade smith bifocals you can tilt them up to cover more or less and you still have the clear lower half or more to do your hammering and after years of forge welding and then having to wait till the next time in the shop to do detail forging i can say that the greens let me do it all in one and yes skipping the green for years has affected my night vision or my wife just sees like the dam predator
  21. i recently switched from a 5 gallon plastic bucket to a 20 ish cup coffee pot so i can pre heat my oil by flipping a switch i just Carrie them carefully to avoid spillage
  22. Got word its 73 years old and was bought by someone about 30 minutes from my house
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