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  1. Craig, that W2 looks as good as when I shipped it to you. I was going to take the 1.25" square, but JM was quicker. I will take the 15N20. PM me your paypal addy. Thanks my friend.
  2. Looks good to me, Daniel. Hittin really hard too, smooth and good control. The noise you are hearing might be the ram rocking back and forth in the guide.
  3. I use a lot of .040" .050" ,065" 6al4v. Been a while, but the last I bought was around $10 for a 12"x12" sheet. What do you have in these thicknesses or close? Sheet size and price...
  4. Change to a mix of 1084/15N20 and most of your troubles will go away. Get some Parks 50 quench oil if you stick with the 1095 mix.
  5. Craig, I'm surprised to see ya selling the Little Giant old buddy... Hope you are well.
  6. Nice lookin hammer. I wouldn't call a Murray an upgrade over a little Giant, but still a good ahhmer.
  7. Good lookin hammer! But like Dave, I'd want to know why it's not covered in oil & grease.
  8. Karl, I actually watched Darryl Meier do it at the Metal Museum back in the late 90s'. He welded at a very low heat too. I've done a lot of dry welding over the years, but mostly with closed welds. Hard to stop using flux with open welds, but I might revist this...
  9. Not L6, but 15N20. Neither steel is good for hamon, but both can show one.
  10. Peter, did you get my email reply? If you don't want new dies from Sid, he probably has used ones. Worth a try.
  11. Grape seed oil is better for your health and much more expensive than canola. So use the grape seed in the kitchen and the canola in the shop.
  12. One must find the balance between science and art. There is mis-information on both sides. Do what works best for you and carry on.
  13. Well the body of that mousehole is chunkier than the Peter Wrights we are comparing it to. So it could be a big-un.
  14. Your math is correct, but are the numbers correct? I have a picture of a 184 lb Mousehole with the numbers 1 - 2 - 16. Your dimensions fit anvils in the 180 lb range. But you could have an odd ball. It's nice anyway!
  15. I had to go look. :)/>/>/> It's larger then my 148 lb Peter Wright by about 20%, so that should put it around 180 lbs. There are some other old English anvils that look similar, but Mousehole was the most common. Good size anvil. Let us know if you fine any numbers or name on it.
  16. JJ, I'll need to check my book and anvils tomorrow, all are out in the shop. Will let you know asap.
  17. Yes get the dimensions up here. I could probably get close comparing it to my anvils. I have a 149, 248 and a 400. I also have an anvil book that might have the weights, info, etc.
  18. Middle of the woods, down in the Ozarks...
  19. It's a Mouse Hole anvil. Very old, English made, pretty good anvils. Doesn't look like 200+ lbs based on it proportions.
  20. Yeah, a good grinder helps. I wouldn't know how to use a jig. My son just ground his first blade yesterday and I figure we'd have to throw it away, I had 6 more blanks ready. But he did really good, so we heat treated it and he finished hand sanding it today.
  21. I grind mine free hand. I could screw something up with a jig!
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