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  1. Caleb, the W-2 and 15T of 1084 will be delivered to the Connecticut warehouse a few days after the 14th of March. We need to pull it and get it all cut. It's looking like the last week in March is a safe bet.

    Al!, as for thicker 15N20 the mill can roll it as thick as 3/8". I've always though that it would be an excellent sword and large knife steel. We have it to 1/8 and I was considering 1/4".

    What do you all think? 

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  2. Jan,


    The steel described below is AISI/ASSTM W112, JIS SK2, DIN C 125 W, Werkstoff #1.1563. Budderus Mills is one of the producers of this steel. The mang. in the formula you put down is a hair high as the formula calls for .10 to .35. The carbon range is 1.20 to 1.35 and the Si and chrome fall right in place. It's one of the higher carbon W-1's. On the low end of the spectrum is C70W1. The same formula with .65 to .74 carbon. I'm thinking that C70W1 with .15 to .20 Vanadium would be an excellent Sword Steel.(In my humble opinion)


    Scott, I would love to have what's left of that file tested. Send me a piece if there is anything left.


    Nicholson File

    1.23%C .37%Mn .21%Si .16%Cr .09%Ni .04%Mo

  3. So you all know! I believe the cracking may be do to the processing of the bar. Not the steel itself.We are bringing in a water jet in January. We will be cutting all of our bar in house in the future. We feel there will be a lot less stress in the material. Until then we will be plate saw cutting everything. The suite next to our shop will be available to us in March. We are hoping to have all of our stock in house as well. Steve, we will be cutting the bar today and have it out to you on Monday. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.



  4. That's good to know. :) Cause I "happen to" come across a small truck load of O-2. It's kind of chunky at 1 1/2" x 2" but I got a big saw! I would imagine that Carpenter L-6 without Moly doesn't have the tendency to air harden? I've got a small boat load of that as well. Part of the L-6 will be rolled to 1/4" and ? (I was hoping you could help me out here.)

  5. We recently acquired a load of Carpenter L-6 (RDS). Most of the bars are 3/4" x 1"-4"x 36"-72" random lengths. We can cross cut and rip cut to size. Material is being sold for $3.50 per pound(20 pound min.). If you are interested please E-Mail us at njsteelbaron@gmail.com


    Thank you Aldo

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