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  1. I've been collecting steel for some time now,as many of you know and I have a small collection of "ANVIL SIZED" pieces. If anyone is interested take a look.


    2 - 4" x 6" x 20" Viscount44(H-13)

    1 - 5" x 6" x 15 1/2" A-2

    1 - 9" x 12" x 12" A-2(440 pounds)

    5 - 6" x 6" x 11" 4140

    1 - 3 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 20" S-7(This one's mine. I'm just showing off.)


    I realize that shipping is an issue. If you are going someplace I'm going to be near(Batson's Hammer-In in Alabama; The Blade Show: Middle America Hammer-In) I could put it on the truck for you.


    I also realize that heat treating something this big can be an issue. I've got a few ideas. :)


    E-Mail me if you are interested



  2. Ric, the layer count would be amazing if I could get the 1084 the same thickness!


    Howard, I think the issue is that Crucibles formula matches up to O-1 better. That being said I can't see as RDS would have any problem welding to 1084 or 86 or 95 for that matter.


    While I have it on my mind, I have about 1,500 pounds of roll-able Carpenter RDS L-6 I'm planning on shipping up to Niagara to have rolled. Are there any preferences? I planned on 1/8 for Damascus and "Some other size". Howard you spoke of dimensions. What size would you like to see?


    As for "Unroll-able" I have about a ton of some good size pieces for the right size hammer. I could saw down some of the bigger sizes for smaller hammers as well.

  3. God, I love what I do. Zeb, I'm with Gary. See what you can do with it. If it screws up entirely I will send up a duplicate order of the 1095 and 15N20 and you can have another go at it.


    If it does look real cool after you get done with it. I may send it up and have you make me one! :D



  4. Luke,that's the way I see it.(And it's 1084!)


    Greg, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


    Ric, you're being silly.


    Doug, the food was excellent!!!!


    The material will be rolled as wide as I can get it.(15.75")and they will be shipped in 12 foot strips and likely be cut back to 4 foot lengths. We will also have cut to size available for Damascus Makers.


    On the dark side!, How thin would you like to see the 1084?

  5. Greg,


    I was actually considering having L-6 made with 2% Ni. for next years "FUN WITH STEEL" project. I don't know what Admirals pricing is. I do know they won't have any 2%Ni L-6.


    Jeff and Matt


    Width is not the problem. It's having 4,500# of 1/4" 15N20 on a shelf.(For years!)

  6. I'm considering having 15N20 rolled. A lot of you have shown interest in .100 or heavier. Unlike what we've been using, it would be pickled and annealed, which would make it easier to cut. Seeing as you're the guys using it I figured I would ask you before I made any hasty decisions. I will probably have it rolled in 2 sizes to begin with.


    What say ye?


    Aldo Bruno

    New Jersey Steel Baron


  7. The 1084 has .80 Manganese. It hardens to the teeth and will etch black as coal,but you'll never get the activity you will get from the lower Manganese steels, such as W-1, 1095 and W-2.


    So you know:


    The current 1084 has .876 Carbon and .803 Manganese

    1095 .99 Carbon, .42 Manganese

    1075 .76 Carbon, .35 Manganese

    W-2 .916 Carbon, .215 Manganese and only .069 Chrome :P



  8. aldo's steel is great I use it for everything


    and if you want you can achieve the alloy banding in it with about 5-7 thermal cycle's with descending temps starting at critical


  9. Well thanks Sean! It'll be nice to have you with us. If you do like the banding I can show you how to do it with my steel as well....although it might take a while longer for the effect to show up!:)

  10. Hey, it's funny you mention Anvil Steel. :D


    Read list below :D


    1 - 5 pieces 6"x6"x11 1/2" 4340

    2 - 1 piece 12"x12"x9 A2

    3 - 1 piece 3 1/2"x6"x12 1/4" 4140

    4 - 3 pieces 4"x6"x20" 4150

    5 - 1 piece 5"x6"x15 3/4 A-2

    6 - 1 piece 3 1/2"x7 1/2 S-7(This one is mine!)


    I have been collecting stuff like this for a while. It's kind of become a habit.(Did I mention the 4"x6"x19" W-2?). I've also thought long and hard about how to heat treat this stuff. The A-2 should be easy enough. Heat the end to 1850 and cool. Followed by a long soak at 1100 for a Rockwell in the 55 range. The 4140 is oil hardening and you'll need a 55 gal drum to do the job or figure out how to air cool it very, very quickly. I was thinking a water cooled block of Aluminum.


    The other factor is moving the stuff as little as possible during the process.


    Either way, rather then bother with it all I figured I should just sell the things and let you guys figure it out.


    I will be at Achokan this weekend and out in Branson,Missouri at Mulkey's Hammer In. I guest I could drag a few out if you'll be there.


    If you're interested let me know. You can E-Mail me at: njsteelbaron@gmail.com

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