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  1. Jeff, that's a great picture! I'm working on a forced air blower today. I've only got an 8" pipe for the furnace. I rapped it with 2 layers of blanket, than refractory cement and than a layer of ITC-100. I can't fit any more and still get my crucible in.This set-up gives me about 1/2 an inch all around the charge. I'm really leaning towards the lack of temp. theory at this point. I agree with the shorter run, higher temp. idea you mentioned. With any luck I should be able to do another melt before weeks end.





    PS- you plan on going to the NY thing again this Sept.

  2. I bought 2 #3 syl carbide crucibles. I didn't want to deal with graphite. I'm planning another melt this week. Will be building a blower type burner. I've got pretty much all I need for it.


    I was getting an orange flame out the top and the color in the forge wasn't quite White. I will probably do some adjusting on the venturi burners as well. They are really close, but I don't know if I can get much more out of them without adding pure O2 to the mix.


    My tank is a 50 pounder. It doesn't have the the safety valve problems that the BBQ tanks have.(of course,after the last try I'm going to have to get it topped off before we go at it again.


    Greg, just a few 100 more degrees and we'll have it licked. Then, I just have to do it the same the next time!!







    PS- I still ended up with something I should be able to beat out and fold. Grinding it gave me the same results on all sides, so maybe I got a good enough mix to make it work. (Time to finish the power hammer!!)

  3. SUCCESS! (sort of). It seems I had just enough heat to melt the charge into a relatively solid mass. I could not get it to liquify completely. I'm going to have to get temp. and gas volume up. I was using 2 T-Rex burners @ 23lbs. They are rated for 60 lbs so I ordered a 60 lbs reg. from D. Ellis. I want to put these burners to the test before I switch to a draft induced burner. I even have an O2 injection system worked out to raise the temp. on them. We got pictures. I'll be posting them a little later today.




    PS- Jeff,was that not a great weekend? Quality people and top shelf hooch!

  4. Grey is higher in silicon, and perhaps not as 'clean' an alloy (broader range of acceptable P & S), but you could make it work, probably - give it a shot and see if it works. According to the ASM metals handbook, grey iron is 2.5 to 3.8 % C, Si 1.2 - 2.6, depending on grade - Class 50 - 60 on the lower end. White tops out at 1.4, but is mostly in the 0.4 -1.0 % range.



    Just came across a properties table for Maleable Iron. This is the stuff they make steel gas pipe fittings out of and the stuff I've been installing for 3/4 of my life as a plumber. It seems that these very same fitting start out as White Cast Iron and are put through a rather long heat treatment and it softens the stuff up considerably. The Carbon is 2.16-2.90/ Silicon is .90-1.90/ Mang. is.!5%-1.25. So,basicly, if I throw a couple of 1/2" gas ells in the crucible along with the wrought iron(carefully weighed of course) I should end up with blade steel!!.....(Famous Last Words). :)


    My 14 yr. old son will be taking pictures of the whole melt and we'll post them later this evening.


    PS- Did I meet you at Sword '05 last September?


  5. I'm planning to melt wrought iron and cast iron(3:1). I've been told to use white CI as opposed to grey CI. Would like to know why and if absolutely nec. to use white ,than I need every pos. place or item made of it listed. I went out looking in scrap yards and found nothing.I was told that cast iron exhaust headers are white CI and went to search some out but have yet to find any. Will grey CI work?






  6. 1/4" X 1" 1084. We're selling it in bundlesof 5 and 10 sticks. Sticks are 6ft long and we're shipping UPS. Call me at 201-637-1413 with your ZIP and amount desired for prices and shipping charges.



    E-MAIL: stovetop58@yahoo.com





    Aldo Bruno




    Carbon .86

    Manganese .685

    Silicon .295

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