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  1. Thought Id share some more knives with you all This one was made for donation to a shooting range I compete at alot. Specs are Forged W2 Blade with satin finish Stacked nickel silver guard Spalted maple burl handle It now lives in the Ochocos of Oregon so hence the name.
  2. Thanks fellas. No the coin was an after thought of mine when I build the knife. Chuck threaded a rod and inset it.
  3. (Myself and Chuck Burrows collaboration) Blade is 8inch, W1 steel with false edge on spine and Chucks file work. The Handle is Hand carved Rawhide wrapped Elk crown and Brass bolster with a domed silver eagle coin as a end cap inset into the crown. Sheath is rawhide over bark tan with a brain tan cuff with historically correct iron tacks. The partially beaded sheath has a heat hardened bark tan leather liner with a deer rawhide cover and braintan buckskin cuff making for a very tough sheath designed for hard use that has the flavor of the Old West. Other decoration consists of iron tacks in two sizes and a criss cross alum tawed sheepskin wrap on the cuff. The whole package is done in a 1850`s style SW Texas frontier style. This is a tough user piece from chopping kindling to fine delicate skinning and a very nice balance as a fighter and is available for sale now. This is the first collaboration between Chuck and myself - with more to come. Let us know what you think
  4. Thanks guys. Alan, I always poke my head in here, just to busy to stay on top of everything.
  5. I think alot of it had to do with his delusion of grandeur and my not taking others delusions seriously, so though it was difficult it wasnt impossible. In the end Im glad I did it myself, I think it came out nicer then I even expected him to do it and I learned a valuable lesson.
  6. Thought Id share this one. Did this one for a friend who happens to be an African PH in Tanzania. Do to the Cite treaty laws I wasnt confident that the Zebra inlay sheath would be simple to fly in and out of the country so I made him a working sheath to go along with it. The Zebra inlay is the sheath some of you know I was told from a very well known sheathmaker was impossible to make do to hair on hide. I went ahead and couldnt make it and there it is. I was going to an 1900`s safari look as his Double rifle is an English rifle from that time period which he still uses as a Professional Hunter. Blade:Forged W2 high carbon steel Handle: AAA Grade Ambonya Burl Fittings:Stacked Nickle Silver Sheaths: Hand sewn Inlayed Zebra Hide Due to cites treaty I was afraid of flying in and out of country with the Zebra hide sheath so I made a Tiger striped working sheath I threw in. Both are High ride carry pouch style. I was going to a 1900`s turn of the century safari antique sort of look with the inlaid Zebra and still be very functional..
  7. Romey

    Cayuse Skinner

    Your very welcome pard
  8. Romey

    Cayuse Skinner

    Thanks for the kind words much appreciated. Yes it was Sambar, I actually had the whole horn to cut the piece from. It was a challenge due to the twisted and curved up thing that it was. A lot less grinder work and more file in the hand was the answer. Interesting how he "easy" ones can become the most challenging. I had my own Sambar that is hand picked I could have put on but the customer really wanted to use his and I couldnt have felt right using my own better material even if he would have never known.
  9. This one is for a bow hunter in New York. He supplied the Sambar stag handle which quiet frankly was nearly useless as a handle but after some creative hand filing I got the twist out rounded the end cap. It was touch and go if the sambar he supplied would work but I think it came out nice for what I had to work with. Thank god because it was his only piece and he insisted in using his. The Cayuse skinner 4.75 inch W-2 Blade with 600 grit hand finish with false edge. Stacked Nickle silver/black spacer guard and end cap Sambar stag handle Border stamped 9oz double shoulder leather sheath Let me know what you think
  10. I recall when we talked about these before Dan but you went did yourself fancy, very nice rig my friend!
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