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    My beautiful wife and my wonderful daughter. This old house of mine. <br>Saltwater fishing is another great pasttime. <br><br>Did I mention knives? Not? OK then, KNIVES!!!!!!!!
  1. So it´s Texas that has stolen our snow. We should be kneedeep in the stuff here in Sweden by now but we still havn´t seen any of it. Well, at least now we know where it went. Happy holidays to you all! Jonas.
  2. Well she might be cute, but she sure scared me half to death when I was laying the roof and I suddenly heard a voice behind me saying "Hi´dad", the word fear has no meaning to her yet. Anyway, here´s a pic of the first forgingsession in the new place. The anvil got baptised in Carnegie, a local porter... It felt really good to light up that forge, like I´m back on track...
  3. Of course I´ve had great help from my daughter Vanja.
  4. Hi everyone! Been a while since I´ve been logged in but I´ve checked out every now and then what you guys been up to. My self I´ve spent my time building my new forge/metal wokshop. A friend came along last weekend and helped me whith the wireing, so now ther´s just some racks and shelfs missing and I should be ready to rock. If there´s anyone in the vicinity of Gothenburg, Sweden, I plan to have a "Grand opening" this weekend, everyones invited. Here´s a couple of pics of the work in progress. I´ll have to tidy it up a bit inside before I dare gatting some interior pics. Take care everyone, Jonas.
  5. Well... The way I see it, there is a dualistic aspect of the edge. The blade on the bench or in the sheath has an edge that is just another piece of surface, a border between one thing and all else. But the edge put to use is a concentration of our force directed by the self. And thus a concentation of ourself and becomes a connection between the user and the world. The edge at rest is, while the edge put to use becomes. Tai, thanks for asking the question. Take care, Jonas.
  6. It might be the Damasteel produtline you are thinking of. Jonas.
  7. When I for once in my life have decided to do something very spontanious and fun reality come smacking me in the face like a wet towel. The car gave up its final breath yesterday and there goes my savings. Well... see you some other time. I hope you all have a good time. BTW Dan, I tried out the venturi-burner I built after your drawings this saturday and it didn´t get enough air. It worked just fine when I gave it some extra compressed air. Did you have the same problem? Tanks and take care, Jonas.
  8. Suddenly all my plans for Easter got cancelled. I got to think of Doc´s happening and I thought that I might mayby should go. Can someone give me some last minute info if it is posiblle that I can come and who to contact and so forth. please answere quick, I will have a lot of airplaneticket info/ buisniss to get into if I´m welcome. Take care everyone, Jonas.
  9. Hi! This time it was my turn to not respond in a couple of days, my daughter has been sick and I have some trouble whith my homecomputer so I havn´t had access to internet since saturday. anyway. The kitchen owen should work. The temp should be 150 degrees Celsius whith a holding time of 45 minutes (aproximatly, this is not an exact sience). The procedure for assembelling the handle, first you put on one slab and then the spacer witch should be slghtly too thick then you flush the spacer whith the tang then put on the on the other slab. There will be a thin dark grey line showing in the joint. I hope this helps you some.
  10. I was starting to feel really bad about ever staring this topic. I´m glad you came back RK and I am very thankful for all the insight you and everyone else so willingly share. Thanks everyone, Jonas.
  11. it´s now that the hard thinking starts. Got to figure out a way to do this whith ordinary equipment found in a workshop/home. Spending a couple of hundred dollars to make a handle aint what I´m aiming for. You´ll have to give me some time on this one though. As for the template you´ll have to make a negative of what ever kind of structure you´d like. The plate I used was just a scrap piece of tooling we had lying around. But the template should be at least 1/4 in. thick, in which you drill the holes in a pattern that you fancy. As for assembelling the rubber to the tang, well, I could MAYBY sucseed whith it and make it look somewhat good, and I say and mean mayby, and I´m a pro when it comes to rubber. I really would like you to consider to make slabs to put on the sides and a rubber spacer in the front. Here´s a rope cutting knife I made last year for the Stockholm Knife Show (I won BTW) that has the constructione that I´m talking about.
  12. I tried whith a compessor and didn´t seem to get enough air volume. Bought a cheap hair dryer that I had for a vile. Still keep it as a backup to my reversed vacum cleaner.
  13. My sister gave birth to a boy the night between tuesday and wensday. I got out last evening and forged a blade that I´ll give him sometime in the future. Took a couple of pics, this one turned out quite nice I think. Take care, Jonas.
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