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  1. jdsmith02115

    NewVeau Dagger

    I'm comin' to get you boy!
  2. jdsmith02115

    Completed Horsehead Bowie

    Very Nice!!
  3. jdsmith02115

    "SnarkNado" Fighter.

    Beautiful design work!
  4. jdsmith02115

    Sword class with Peter Johnson

    Yow! Great sword!
  5. jdsmith02115

    couple of new hunters

  6. jdsmith02115

    pair of mosaic damascus chefs

    Very cool.
  7. jdsmith02115

    Big Bladed Knife!

  8. jdsmith02115

    Big Bladed Knife!

  9. jdsmith02115

    Big Bladed Knife!

  10. jdsmith02115

    Big Bladed Knife!

    Here are some process pics!
  11. jdsmith02115

    Big Bladed Knife!

    thanks man! No it is not pinned under the wrap. The wrap is quite tight and secure. Those scales are flat to the tapered tang and are not going anywhere.
  12. jdsmith02115

    Big Bladed Knife!

    Sure can! This particular pattering arrangement is one I've used many times before with various variations. It is built from six or seven billets. One species is simply straight layers@ around 100 layers the other species is crushed "W's" @ around fifty before staring the "crush". All billets were sized equally and alternately stacked, crushed, straight, crushed, straight etc. then laddered and forged into a blade. Blade length is 14" steel is 15N20and 1084 Bocote wood and paracord w/ thin coating of epoxy. It is very well balanced and light in the hand...you could swing it all day. It's my favorite "brut" to date! I'll take a few more pics tomorrow!
  13. jdsmith02115

    Big Bladed Knife!

    Mixed species ladder patterned steel.
  14. jdsmith02115

    Amerruss Blade Arts Fighter

    15.5" OAL Bronze, Damascus and iron wood.
  15. jdsmith02115

    Paladin is his name

    Love it! Great looking piece...about as hybridized a style as ever has been done...all kinds of things in the mix here. Did something quite a bit like it a month or two back.