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  1. jdsmith02115

    Springbok, bronze and pattern welded Blade

    Oh Hell yes!
  2. jdsmith02115

    Completed Horse/Alligator Bowie

    Love it, Love it...on so many levels.
  3. jdsmith02115

    Flame Edge Serpent Seaxes

    LOVE it! very cool stuff! I did a seax with a similar edge concept a few years back.
  4. What a fantastic job you did with this piece. Your leather work in particular stands out proud!
  5. jdsmith02115

    Forged Integral Persian Style Dagger

    Yup. Some good stuff in that there edge.
  6. Forged from my "Electric Haze ll" patterned steel' 15N20, 1088 OAL 16" Blade 10.5" African Blackwood scales
  7. jdsmith02115

    Neat Little Personal Utility piece!

    Yes, exactly; You work it from the back side. the outer side, the dentin of the tooth is fairly thick, so some shaping from the outer portion is OK...but take care not to expose the dentin, as it's a bit softer and differs in texture and color.
  8. jdsmith02115

    Neat Little Personal Utility piece!

    THIS is an "Explosion" pattern.
  9. jdsmith02115

    Neat Little Personal Utility piece!

    No. It's a set of "w's" that got laddered and forged out.
  10. jdsmith02115

    Neat Little Personal Utility piece!

    4.5" blade 15N20 1088 steels 9.25 OAL Fossil walrus scales Damascus bolsters Yup, I still make stuff like this...just not that often.
  11. jdsmith02115

    Big Parong-like knife

    I really like how the scales book-matched so nicely!
  12. jdsmith02115

    Big Parong-like knife

    Blade Length 12.5" OAL 17" Steel 15N20 1088 Damascus bolsters, file worked spine Bocote scales.
  13. jdsmith02115

    Pattern welded dagger

    It's my all time favorite wood. It carves beautifully and takes a smooth, hard finish.
  14. jdsmith02115

    Pattern welded dagger

    This piece has been around for some time now. It found it's way back to my shop for some minor cosmetic uplift and a scabbard. It had never been photographed or shown before now. Blade 7.5" 11" OAL Hollow ground 15N20 and 1088 steels African Blackwood carved hilt Pattern welded fittings
  15. jdsmith02115

    Reversible Antler Sgian Dubh

    Awwww...so cute...